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Bellarmine tradition runs deep in Di Vittorio family

Thomas Di Vittorio goes through a Bellarmine practice on Nov. 4, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Thomas Di Vittorio goes through a Bellarmine practice on Nov. 4, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Thomas Di Vittorio remembers a picture of him and his older brother, citing how far back his days as a Bellarmine supporter go.

Di Vittorio, now a junior receiver and defensive back at Bellarmine, looked back at a picture of he and his brother dressed up in helmets and wearing Bellarmine colors. Bellarmine was a dream for him, going to games since he was a young child and part of a family stepped in Bells tradition – his father also played at Bellarmine.

Once Di Vittorio reached high school, those dreams came true, particularly as a sophomore when he was called up to the varsity squad.

“I just didn’t want to take anything for granted,” Di Vittorio said. “I just wanted to keep my head down and just keep working, so I knew if I just looked ahead and everything just wouldn’t turn out as it did. I’m just grateful for the opportunity and just look forward to keep working.”

Since that call up, Di Vittorio has made the most of every opportunity presented to him in the West Catholic Athletic League.

He was one of two sophomores called up to varsity for the 2019 campaign. He runs a 4.68-second laser 40-yard dash. He runs a 4.04 shuttle. Bench presses 230 pounds. He has a 30’5” vertical.

It’s been success everywhere he goes, and Di Vittorio gives a lot of that credit to his family that has been around Bellarmine for decades.

“I would 100% say my dad, my brother, my brother big time just because we compete at everything – eating, who can eat more, just everything,” Di Vittorio said. “We compete at every single thing, and it’s great. That’s where I think I definitely got my competitive mindset, so he’s definitely a huge reason.”

This offseason, Di Vittorio has only accentuated his play on the football field. Working with Pro Sport and with Bellarmine, Di Vittori said he’s gained around 20-25 pounds, boosting up from 150 pounds last year to 170 currently. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Di Vittori goes to work on speed and agility with his trainer, Greg Marshall.

“He just gets me fundamentally sound, and it’s awesome,” Di Vittorio said. “That technique, speed, which is something that I need to work on. It’s great. He knows everything, and it’s great for him. And then I also go from lifting and then Sundays I have field workouts with Pro Sport Training, coach AJ. I wouldn’t be here without him just from all the strength, all the lessons he’s taught me. It’s just great.”

Di Vittorio, also a baseball player, is garnering some interest from colleges as well. El Camino College, San Jose State, the University of San Diego and Weber State are either following Di Vittori on Twitter or expressing interest in him on the recruiting trail.

What he’s done is heed the advice from his coaching staff, utilizing social media as a free platform to bolster his image and gain more traction on the recruiting platform.

“It’s going pretty good,” Di Vittorio said. “Just like (assistant) coach (Brennan Ronald)  said, I didn’t really know before our old coaching staff, I didn’t know Twitter was a tool for me. I knew it was a huge platform for recruiting, and anytime I get the opportunity I’ll just post videos of me working out, doing 1 on 1s.”

For what is now the 2021 winter/spring campaign, Di Vittorio is excited to compete in Bellarmine’s new system under first-year head coach Jalal Beauchman, who’s transitioned the program from a Wing-T concept offensively to more of a spread and RPO front.

And he’s ready to bring Bellarmine back to the top.

“This season, honestly just go undefeated,” Di Vittori said. “The sky is the limit. You’ve got to set the bar high so you can just work right at it. I want to score at least 15 touchdowns this year. I want to set that bar high too. I just want to win and just keep winning. That’s all I can say.”

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