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College dreams come true for Dublin’s Lee

Elijah Lee practices at Dublin on March 22, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Elijah Lee practices at Dublin on March 22, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

College baseball was something Dublin senior shortstop Elijah Lee always dreamt of.

From the time baseball became a part of Lee’s life at 5 years old, college was always the mission. It was what always drove him, no matter how long the days got to make sure that dream wasn’t just a dream anymore.

It became a reality, as during the offseason Lee committed to Cal State San Marcos, where he will go alongside fellow Dublin senior Nolan Long.

“I just had a dream and I just keep working at it,” Lee said.

Lee is the one who never settles and never stops pushing himself on the field.

No matter the score, Lee is filled with energy, always moving around, making the game go fast and never walking.

While the college dream happened, Lee will never stop working.

“It was definitely relieving because all of the hard work seemed to pay off, but you can’t settle, so you’ve just got to keep working,” Lee said.

Working is just what Lee did during the offseason, following a shortened junior campaign because of COVID-19.

And that work has lent itself into Lee hitting .333 with three RBIs and one double.

“During the offseason, quarantine and stuff, just were limited to a lot of things, so I just tried to workout at home, tried to hit as much as I could at our cages, just use all the resources available pretty much,” Lee said.

Lee did just about everything, too.

“Just worked every day, took ground balls, lifted, worked a lot on defense, a lot on hitting,” Lee said. “More on hitting, though, because defense doesn’t really slump, so you’ve got to work on your weaknesses. I guess working on hitting just makes me a better hitter for the regular season.”

But, as Lee continues succeeding on the diamond, he knows one thing is for certain.

Just because a great opportunity came about, never settle. Never stop going for more and working hard.

“Just grind, work as a family, get closer and just achieve as much as we can while we’re together,” Lee said.

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