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College Park’s Strode emerges as star 2024 prospect

Sabrina Strode passes the ball in a win at Granada. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
Sabrina Strode passes the ball in a win at Granada. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

College Park freshman point guard Sabrina Strode wasted no time proving her value as a premier class of 2024 prospect.

Through her first four games, Strode is already garnering significant playing time for the Falcons in their 2-2 season – a moment she knew was possible in sixth grade when she noticed she could be a collegiate prospect.

“It just skyrocketed from there,” Strode said. “I went to trainers and everything, and I’m trying just to get better every single day.”

The Falcons have won two straight since a season-opening loss to Liberty, and Strode is a key reason why.

In her second career varsity contest at Granada, Stroke scored 16 points, connected on two three-pointers and played stingy defense to hold the Matadors in check in a 51-45 road win, providing a springboard for College Park as it followed that victory up with a 63-36 rout of Concord.

All Strode is focused on right now is improving, though.

“Just to get better as a player, be more humble and just be there for my team and try to get as far as I can,” Strode said.

College basketball is in Strode’s dreams, and while no schools have recruited her yet, Strode understands she is only a freshman and those opportunities will present themselves.

Strode said her dream school is UC Davis, as she would like to go to veterinary school.

“Just the animals,” Strode said. “I really have a really nice connection with all the animals. That’s what makes me really want to do it.”

Currently, Strode boasts a 3.5 GPA and is succeeding in each aspect as a student-athlete early in her high school days.

This year, she hopes to continue climbing with her Falcons teammates and building on this recent string of victories in two out of the last three games.

“Just to get better and stronger and come closer to the team,” Strode said.

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