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Dreams come true for Serra LB, Oberlin commit

For years, Serra linebacker Eric Myers dreamt of someday becoming a Serra Padre.

He was once the waterboy for the program, remembering a time in sixth grade when Serra almost made history. Serra was up 14-7 on De La Salle at halftime, remembering the atmosphere, what it was like around the team and the aura around the matchup.

Although Serra ultimately fell, it was moments like that – along with watching players like Matt Dickerson, Eric Redwood and Eric Wilson – when Myers fell in love with the idea of someday strapping on the blue and yellow jerseys.

“It means everything to me,” Myers said. “Just the pride I take in wearing the Serra across my chest, the Padres across my chest – there’s nothing that comes close to it for me. I cherish, I make sure to cherish every moment of it and just every single game beforehand I go into it and tell myself this is what you worked for, this is what you dreamed of. And I make the best of it and have fun because playing for Serra for me is all that matters right now, and I love it.”

Myers made a name for himself right from the start when he arrived at Serra, and he’s never looked back since. 

On the freshman team, Myers was the captain and Defensive MVP on the team. In those times, he learned and saw just what he could become.

And it wasn’t too far later when varsity coaches wanted Myers to be a part of their roster.

Legendary Serra head coach Patrick Walsh pulled him up to the varsity team to practice for spring ball, and the next week he and four other players were told by Walsh  that they would play with the varsity boys that upcoming season.

When Myers heard that news, he could not have been more joyful to realize some of his dreams really did just come true.

“That was the moment where the joy of just knowing that all my hard work and that my goal had been completed since that was my goal going into high school,” Myers said. “It was really awesome, and then just learning from the seniors we had at the time and then instilling the values of what being a Serra varsity football player means. That was really eye opening and helped me and my other teammates have an easy transition and eventually now lead this team this year.”

Since that call up his sophomore season, Myers has made the most of opportunity presented to him – all despite some adversity thrown his way.

During that offseason between his freshman and sophomore years, Myers’ athletic career almost came to an abrupt end. He fractured two bones in his lower back.

Doctors told Myers he may never play again, so there was Myers, really wondering even if he put in all of the time in the rehab process that there was still a chance he could never play again.

“It took a lot of trust,” Myers said. “It took a lot of prayers. It was definitely a hard, hard time in life, but again what I attribute is my work ethic has helped me get far to where I am, and working with rehab and just making my back stronger and eventually showing to the doctor and proving to the doctor that I can play was really big for me.”

Also a varsity basketball player at Serra, Myers’ work ethic propelled him to greater heights, and he’s never looked back from that devastating injury.

Myers has been part of two highly successful squads at Serra, becoming a Central Coast Section finalist as a sophomore and then registering two sacks in the Padres’ run to a state runner-up finish a year ago.

Kenyon College, Oberlin, Occidental, Pacific, Puget Sound and Whittier all offered Myers – and it was Oberlin that won the lottery when he committed there in the fall.

“Just for me it was the feel of the campus and the community because coach O is a new coach there,” Myers said. “He has a brand new staff, and just the energy behind the staff, the energy behind the players, the energy even just behind the athletic director, the president, everyone there is just all bought into the football program. 

“They just invested a ton of money into new facilities, and for me if I’m going to go somewhere and play I motivate myself a lot and having people around me that are similar in the mindset of I’m coming in every day with as much energy as possible. It’s just fun. It’s fun up there. And then the players, talking to them and them giving me insight into what their lives are like as a player there. It’s definitely, it was a lot to be excited about and look forward to.”

When Myers heads off to Oberlin, where he plans to sign to in February, he won’t only be representing himself, but he’s also be representing San Mateo and Hawaii – two of his homes and two places that have motivated him throughout his journey.

“As far as San Mateo – it means a ton to me,” Myers said. “It’s where I’ve been home all my life, all my friends growing up. I just try to represent my family here and do my best every single day on the field.

“And then as far as in Maui I take a lot of pride in representing the Ohana and the 808 over there, and all my family friends and close friends over there I try to play for them and ball out for them every weekend because I know a lot of their careers are over now and I just try to represent them and make them proud because them having a player that partly grew up there, partly went to school there, playing in the main land and playing for them. Just try to represent for them.”

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