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Dublin beats Spartans in premier hoops matchup


Dublin and De La Salle played their first of two games on Friday night, and it was a good one. After both teams struggled early on, Dublin came back from an early deficit to just stave off the charge from the Spartans at the end of the game and win this game, 63-57.

Early on, both teams could not get in a rhythm. Both teams were fouling a lot, and it seemed like shots were not falling at a high rate on either side. With that said, the defense by De La Salle would give it the early advantage in the first quarter. Nevada-Reno commit Caleb Oden was the only guy that could really get anything going early on, as he was consistently hitting shots for Dublin. De La Salle, however, would have five different players score from the field and would take a first quarter lead of 14-13. 

The second quarter may have been more difficult than the first quarter in terms of scoring. De La Salle would only have nine points in the second, while Dublin would have just 10 points, making this a tied game at the half. 

The action ramped up in the second half, as it seemed both teams settled down and started making their shots. Dublin made a few more in the third quarter, however. It came out blazing hot, hitting nine total shots from the field and fivefrom deep. Dublin would put up 23 points in that quarter, and seven of those came from Oden. De La Salle would hit six shots from the field and only two of those coming from behind the arc. De La Salle would head into the fourth quarter trying to come back from a 46-37 deficit. 

As the fourth quarter, started one of the storylines of the game was developing. Chris Bunch found himself in foul trouble. In his limited minutes, he played fantastic though, scoring 14 points – five of those coming in the fourth quarter. His fourth quarter got cut short, as Oden drove in, Bunch reached in and was called for his fifth foul at about the three-minute mark. De La Salle was cutting into the Gaels lead, and Bunch was a big reason why, but the Spartnans would play the final minutes without their leading scorer on the night. 

Tonight was all about Oden, as he was the leading scorer in the entire game and dominated on multiple aspects of this ballgame. He was hitting threes, driving and making contested layups and even hitting a couple mid-range jumpers. He passed the ball beautifully as well setting up his teammates for timely baskets. De La Salle got within one possession of Dublin late in this game, but Oden and the Gaels would hold on. A big difference in this game also was Dublin’s free throw shooting, as it clinched it by hitting multiple free throws and converting 15 of 19 total free throw attempts. 

Both of these talented teams will play again on Saturday night in what is presumed to be another great game. Both teams have a ton of talent on the floor, and it will surely be another must watch game.

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