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Dublin players get creative without rims in city

No rims are on basketball hoops in Dublin, including at the Fallon Sports Park on Jan. 28, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
No rims are on basketball hoops in Dublin, including at the Fallon Sports Park on Jan. 28, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Dublin basketball players are getting extra creative about how they workout right now.

Like many cities across the country, Dublin took down all of its rims at parks. Those parks, where players could work out and work on their jumpers, are no longer available because of zero rims.

That forces Dublin players to find other ways to practice during this unique offseason amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Along with all the adversity that I’m pretty sure every high school program is going through, one of the weird things about the city of Dublin is they’ve taken down every single rim at the local parks and everything, so these guys have to be super creative about where they workout,” said Dublin boys basketball head coach Tom Costello.

But the Gaels are embracing the opportunity at hand, understanding that this adversity will only make them stronger.

And, luckily, they’ve found countless ways to make this happen – including in Pleasanton, where Costello lives.

Playgrounds with rims are available to workout near Costello’s house, allowing players to workout in their small pods and find some ways together to prepare for the upcoming season. 

“We just kind of talked about adversity, so the city of Dublin pretty much took down all outdoor rims completely, so for them to be able to find some place to play is a challenge,” Costello said. “We’ve been fortunate to have some local playgrounds in Pleasanton near my home that we’re just kind of getting together in our small pods and getting some work in. It’s adversity. If that’s the worst thing that happens to us, we’re in good shape.”

Through this challenge, players are finding ways outside of the team to make it work, too, as they’re all hungry to build another special season at Dublin – a program that has won 20-plus games in five consecutive seasons and appeared in two North Coast Section championship games over the past four years.

Senior TJ Meagher and junior Thomas Labat found a basketball hoop behind a church in its parking lot. Others may travel to other cities, like Pleasanton and San Ramon. Ryan Kent is using The Ultimate Fieldhouse in Walnut Creek.

“Every single rim in Dublin, every public park they took down all of the rims, so just being able to find a rim is kind of something you can be grateful of, especially in a time like this,” Meagher said.

Other players have hoops at their houses, and they’re cherishing the ability to use their own hoop on a consistent basis.

“I’m really lucky and privileged enough to have a hoop in my backyard, so I’ve just been working on my individual game,” said Dublin’s Arjun Johal.

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