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Endries thrives as Monte Vista tight end

Jack Endries warms up for Cal Strength on Jan. 30, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Jack Endries warms up for Cal Strength on Jan. 30, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Football is the only motivation Monte Vista junior tight end Jack Endries needs.

Endries loves football. He’s loved every bit of it at Monte Vista and over the past six weeks while playing in the travel ball circuit for Cal Strength in the Winner Circle Athletics Champions League down in Southern California.

He simply wants to keep it going well beyond his time in high school.

“I’m just trying to keep playing it and also get a scholarship too, which will save money, but it’s really just a great physical sport to play,” Endries said. “I just love the stiff arm is amazing. You could outrun, and just the really shifty, crafty game that you have to just play. You just catch a ball, you look up and you look up field and there’s just a lot of room. You make a move, and you get a lot of adrenaline from that.”

When Endries’ playing career began in eighth grade, he wasn’t seeing much playing time.

Back then, Endries said he was really skinny – the same as when he arrived at Monte Vista one year later as a freshman. He started as an outside linebacker because Cole Boscia was a right end.

Once Endries transitioned to tight end and thrived in the position during his sophomore year, Endries noticed his future in football might not just be for the next three years.

It could be a career that takes him to the next level.

“I was trying to play freshman year, but I missed like the first two weeks, so they already had Boscia locked in,” Endries said. “But sophomore year I just worked hard with my hands and then started to do really good, and then halfway from the season I was like, ‘Ah, I could take this D1.”’ And then KT Prep helped me up a little bit and then now it’s just grinding to go D1.”

During this extra long offseason, Endries’ work ethic continually carried him to greater heights and put him on a straighter path to playing Division I football someday.

Despite sitting out 10 weeks with a sprained ankle, which Endries said is healed now, he’s greatly improved his strength and speed. His vertical also improved. 

Plus, he’s gone to the football field two to three times per week with Boscia and Monte Vista junior quarterback Dyllan Devitt – also his Cal Strength teammates – to work on everything, whether that’s timing, hands, agility, speed or strength.

And Endries also trained a lot with Victor James with Proving Grounds, who worked with him on his sprinting form, explosiveness, technique and jump.

“I definitely think I’ve gotten a lot better, weighed a lot more than I think I would have if we started in September, probably by about five pounds,” Endries said. “Strength – that’s gone up too by a lot. Bench Press – I’ve seen huge numbers. Squat. Clean. Just the extra five months has been huge.”

All of the work was noticed in the WCA Champions League.

Part of a Cal Strength squad that went 5-1 and recorded the best record of any team from Northern California, Endries shined and burst onto the scene more and more each week. There was a game-winning touchdown grab of 70-plus yards in the opener. There was the 26-yard performances in weeks No. 2 and 4. There was a season-high 43 yards in the third week. Twenty-yards and a score in the regular season finale. 

Endries said the travel football season gave him more confidence.

“It’s shown me that I’m a lot bigger,” Endries said. “There has been a lot of plays that I just caught a ball. I was expecting to get hit. He hits me, and he falls down and I’m just still up and I have time to run. Speed, like when I’m going against a linebacker, I could just outrun him really easily. Sometimes the ball is there. Sometimes it’s not. 

“But it really just shows that I can outrun people, outjump and just use my route running skills to just go by them. It’s just really good. It’s just really good for my mental.”

Currently, Endries holds a 3.83 GPA and is hearing from countless schools on the recruiting trail, with UCLA and Yale being in the most contact with him.

An opportunity for Endries would mean everything. 

“It would be huge,” Endries said. “It would be a great honor to do this, and it would be a great honor for my family just seeing me go out there. And it would be great to just continue it, and just a full-ride scholarship or just a scholarship at all saves a ton of money for my family.”

If a high school season does commence at Monte Vista during Endries’ junior year, he wants to dominate in every regard – 100 yards per game, no dropped passes, an undefeated season, a championship.

“So my goal – win every game first of all because if there’s no playoffs, I just want to win every game too, but if there are playoffs probably not,” Endries said. “Make it to the championship, win the championship. And my other goal is just dominate in every game, like five catches at least, try to get 100 yards a game, be as physical as possible, be as shifty as possible too, be as crafty, every time I catch a ball try and make it into the end zone like 100 yards.”

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