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Exposure Academy plans big hoops weekend in Hayward

Local basketball players have a chance to showcase their talents over the weekend.

The Exposure Academy, founded by former NFL receiver Stevie Johnson, will host a boys and girls basketball showcase on Saturday and Sunday at the Slam Academy in Hayward – all of which comes right after its own football showcase the previous night at Vacaville’s Al Patch Park on Friday.

“It’s basically just to get exposure with the corona going on and all that,” Jehiah Cook, who is hosting the basketball showcases. “I just want to have a platform for kids to basically expose themselves, expose their talent. It starts off when you come in, you register, check in, we do temperature checks, spectators also have to wear masks, you bring your own basketball for the participants.”

Participants, which range from the Bay Area to Folsom and the Sacramento region, will go through various work to display their skills.

They will have four stations for roughly an hour, followed by king/queen of the court, with the winner of that earning a prize. That is then preceded by fastbreak drills – three-on-two, two-on-one.

Other aspects include honing in on defense, as Cook said they will do defensive shell drills and four-on-four work in addition to four-on-four and five-on-five games nearing the conclusion of the festivities. 

“That’s going to be for like 45 minutes,” Cook said. “We’re going to be doing rotations, top court, losing court. We’re going to be rotating. Winner of that get prizes. And then after that it’s a presentation at the end, going to talk. Everybody is going to get a chance, who came out, tell them what their role is, what they’re doing, how I can help. And then after that there will be questions and answers.”

Cook also said results from the camp are set to be sent out to numerous colleges across the country.

But while the court work is important, those presentations at the end are more aspects Cook and the team at Exposure Academy are looking to get across to all of the athletes in attendance.

The athletes will hear a presentation from Lauren Goodman, a former basketball player who is going to go over how to present oneself, particularly on social media on platforms like Instagram, and emphasizing how colleges and businesses often look at one’s social media profiles right away.

Additionally, they will also go over signing up for the NCAA Clearinghouse and beginning that process early on.

“When I was in high school, shout out to Sacramento High, that was a great school,” Cook said. “I’m not going to lie. Sac High, if I didn’t go to Sac High, I probably would have been signed up for clearinghouse probably senior year. It probably would have been a harder process. Like I did that my sophomore year going into my junior year. I think that’s a major part of exposing yourself as well. She’s going

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