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Faith, family guide Berean Christian’s Davisson

George Davisson throws at the Routes vs. Coverage Showcase on Nov. 7, 2020. Cliff Jackson / Staff Photo
George Davisson throws at the Routes vs. Coverage Showcase on Nov. 7, 2020. Cliff Jackson / Staff Photo

Berean Christian senior athlete George Davisson always remembers some of the biggest pains he ever endured.

Right after his sophomore year, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 12, 2019. One month later, on June 11, which is Davisson’s birthday, his grandfather was put in the hospital.

One week after that, his mother had a double mastectomy on June 18. Then, on June 22, Davisson’s grandfather passed away.

Those moments always sit in the front of Davisson’s mind, serving as inspiration for him to keep going no matter the circumstances.

“Just that turn of events of my mom having cancer and losing my best friend in my grandpa,” Davisson said. “When he passed away, that was really hard and that just kind of showed me that nothing is promised and that I have to take advantage of everything that I have in this life. And then leaning on God a lot. God helped me through all that, and just helped me show and trying through him on the football field. That was big, too.”

A couple of days before Davisson’s grandfather passed away, Davisson promised him he could get a college education. He promised him he would play college football.

Davisson’s grandfather was a military man and served in Vietnam. He and Davisson’s father – another integral piece of Davisson’s life – always pushed him and instilled a strong work ethic. They taught him to give it everything you’ve got. And his mother made sure Davisson never got down on himself.

So, Davisson set out to make true the promise to his grandfather and make his family proud.

“I promised him that I was going to go get a college education and I was going to go play ball in college,” Davisson said. “He was like, ‘No you’re not.’ Just pushing me in his later days, so I was able to fulfill my promise there.”

The days were long, but it was Davisson’s dream. And, over this past offseason, Davisson put in all of the work required, starting the mornings with running for a few miles, then working on drops in the pool, followed by box jumps on the stairs.

Practice was after. He would get there an hour to two hours early to do sprint work, ladder work and lift.

Plus, he was watching all of the film possible.

“I think I watched, because I only got to play in four games my junior year because I had to sit as a transfer, I only got to play four games,” Davisson said. “But I think I watched those four games a million times, just going over and over and watching each play meticulously to see what I did right, what I did wrong, what I needed to improve on.”

Over his high school career, Davisson put up impressive production and was everywhere for Berean Christian.

Davisson totaled 23 touchdowns, 72 tackles, nine fumble recoveries, two interceptions and two defensive scores.

This season, particularly, Davisson was impressed with the way he performed.

“I think I played very well at quarterback, especially just being able to hit the open guy was big, and on defense I saw a huge jump for me and just saw a lot of the offseason stuff paying off and all the long nights and everything like that paid off,” Davisson said. “I think I played very well this season.”

Four colleges offered Davisson: Carthage, Culver-Stockton, Mayville State and Puget Sound.

It was Mayville State who won out on the sweepstakes, as the personal relationship Davisson built with the coaching staff more than sold him.

“Mayville just felt like home,” Davisson said. “It’s just a super small town. I think there’s no more than 5,000 people in the town, including the college. I think it’s less than that. I think it’s 3,000. But it just felt like home. The coaches just buy into you as an athlete. They didn’t offer me until after I had like three Zoom calls with them, until they went over where I was going to fit in within their defense.”

While Davisson hasn’t decided on a major yet, he knows he wants to become a chiropractor.

It’s a job that runs deep in his family. Davisson’s grandfather on his mother’s side was a chiropractor in San Francisco. The Davisson family loves helping people, and Davisson was drawn to that profession and the idea of giving back.

And Davisson also wants to own a gym one day and have a chiropractic firm mixed in with it.

“It comes from just a heart of giving and just a heart of just in the church Jesus gave his life for us,” Davisson said. “So that was the biggest sacrifice, and so I want to give back whatever I can to the community and to other people just because I’m so grateful for the gift that God has given me and the gifts that I’ve received throughout my life from people that are older than me, whether it be coaches, teachers, my parents, my little brothers. 

“Just the lessons he’s taught me. I just want to be able to give back and I want to eventually coach one day.”

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