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Father’s legacy drives Jackson Brown

Jackson Brown competes at The Opening on Nov. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Jackson Brown competes at The Opening on Nov. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

The legacy of Jackson Brown’s father is everything to him.

Brown, currently a junior offensive tackle at San Ramon Valley, comes from a tradition-rich football family. His father, Tony Brown, was an All-American at the University of Pittsburgh and played in multiple Super Bowls. 

In 2010, Jackson Brown’s father passed away from colon cancer, and his impact on Jackson Brown’s life carries every single day in everything he does.

“Him passing away when I was 6, every day I just think about him, doing this for him,” Jackson Brown said.

Today, Jackson Brown watches clips of his father and noticed his physicality. He remembers one particular game in 1982 when Pittsburgh was Penn State, as Pitt continued to keep the ball on the ground while Tony Brown was extremely physical at the line of scrimmage.

What Tony Brown also taught his star son was how to treat others with respect.

“He taught me to just be a great guy,” Jackson Brown said. “He used to live by a motto, ‘When you walk in, make every person feel like they’re the biggest person in the room.’ I still use that today. He taught me a lot, but I look back at videos of him, just being the guy he was. It was pretty cool.”

Jackson Brown has used those lessons from his father in every walk of life and succeeded in big ways.

Once a full-time basketball player, Jackson Brown is now shining along the offensive line, as evidenced with his recent performance as part of Cal Strength’s travel football team in the Winner Circle Athletics Champions League. Jackson Brown paved the way for a strong running game and a dominant passing attack led by the two quarterbacks from Danville – Monte Vista junior Dyllan Devitt and San Ramon Valley junior Jack Quigley.

Cal Strength compiled a 5-1 record and only lost one game, which came by seven points in overtime. And Jackson Brown’s recruiting process only soared after that.

Colorado gave Jackson Brown his first offer on Feb. 3.

“It was amazing,” Jackson Brown said. “We were doing a virtual tour on Zoom, and at the end coach Rod (Matt Rodrigue), the o-line coach, he’s like, ‘We want to offer you a full-ride scholarship.’ And my mom was right next to me. She was crying. She was super excited. I was shocked. My face dropped. It was a super cool moment. I know how hard I’ve worked for it. We’re going to keep them coming.”

Twelve days later, San Jose State offered. That’s two schools with successful coaching staffs – Colorado went 4-2 in its first year under head coach Karl Dorrell and was set to play in the Pac-12 Championship game against Oregon before COVID-19 hit, while San Jose State under Brent Brennan embarked on an incredible season and captured a Mountain West title.

“It’s really good,” Brown said. “I love it. I’m getting a lot of looks, like Mountain West schools and USC, UCLA, Cal, all those and even like some SEC schools, like South Carolina and Auburn have been talking to me. It’s awesome. I love it. I’m probably going to take my time and commit like early senior year.”

“And then San Jose State, same thing with them. I talk to their o-line coach mostly every day. He’s a super cool dude. They’re getting new facilities soon. And they’re super close to home. That’s one important thing.”

It’s all been part of a monumental offseason for Jackson Brown, who really honed in on his strength.

A year ago, Jackson Brown said he couldn’t bench one plate, which is 45 pounds each. This year, he added 100 pounds on the power clean and 200 pounds on back squats. 

“Definitely my strength,” Jackson Brown said. “I’ve always had good footwork, so that’s something I’ve always built on that, but my strength. I used to be pretty weak and I hit the gym right when quarantine started. I’ve just gotten really strong.”

Recent news out of California gave Jackson Brown and his teammates what they waited for for months: football and outdoor high contact sports are returning. 

San Ramon Valley went 7-4 last season and was a North Coast Section Division I quarterfinalist. All Jackson Brown and his teammates wanted was a chance to compete, and they got that. 

“It was awesome,” Jackson Brown said. “We all started texting in our group chat. We couldn’t believe we were playing after so long. We’ve started camp like three times and then it would get shutdown, and finally to know that we’re actually going to have a chance to play is super, super awesome.”

Although no postseason will commence this year, Jackson Brown and San Ramon Valley are aiming for all they can get in this unique 2021 spring football campaign. 

“I want to get all-league as an offensive lineman for sure,” Jackson Brown said. “I wish we could go to state and NCS, but the goal is however many games we have is to go undefeated, which I think we easily can. De La Salle is going to be tough, but I think we’ve got something in us. Those are the two main goals, though.”

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  1. Carl Caputo on March 1, 2021 at 12:22 pm

    Jackson Brown has potential to be a top lineman in the nation. Great feet, good speed and strength. All the makings of a high school all-American player. Has family legacy to push him. Will follow his career with interest.

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