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Furia’s addition elevates St. Vincent de Paul

Colby Furia practices at St. Vincent de Paul on Oct. 28, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Colby Furia practices at St. Vincent de Paul on Oct. 28, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

St. Vincent de Paul senior quarterback Colby Furia is doing everything he can to pay his mother back for everything.

Furia and his mother, who are the only ones who live with each other, mean everything to one another. Furia can’t stop raving about the sacrifices his mother has made for him, whether that’s been paying for football camps, paying for a camp in October in Oregon, paying for recruiting websites, taking time to support his football journey and be there for him in every regard.

There’s simply nothing she won’t do for him, and Furia is motivated to make his mother proud when it is all said and done.

“What motivates me is just to put my mom in a position where she doesn’t have to pay for college, and I believe that with football and academics that I can get a pretty good scholarship so that she won’t have to pay any money,” Furia said. “That’s what really motivates me just in football at least to try and go out there.”

Throughout his career, Furia – who moved to St. Vincent de Paul this season from Cloverdale High School, is on a trajectory to earn a free education.

Early in his high school career as a sophomore, the Cloverdale coaching staff pulled him up to varsity to play quarterback – a moment when Furia noticed something special could happen for him on the football field.

“Then that’s when I really started seeing strides,” Furia said. “And then to that point to now I really believe that I made a lot of progress.”

Furia’s work ethic has lifted him every single day – whether that’s as a football player or a student in the classroom.

Although Furia is throwing every single day and lifting every single day, he understands there is a lot more to carving out a successful career. He’s studying film, going over coverages, developing relationships with his teammates and ensuring that there is a strong team chemistry, because without a strong bond between he and his teammates, the wins won’t come in bunches like they hope.

Plus, Furia boasts an impressive 4.5 GPA.

“I really think what made me successful is just work ethic,” Furia said. “I really think that at the end of the day I’ll do whatever it takes to reach the goals I set for myself, and I did set a goal for myself to play Division I football, and hopefully go to a high academic. I’m willing to do anything to reach those goals, and I’m hoping to prove that this year.”

Despite only being at St. Vincent de Paul for a little over a month – a transfer decision Furia based on bolstering his academic profile more – Furia’s teammates noticed his leadership and devotion to the program immediately.

“He’s already in the mix of the brotherhood,” said St. Vincent de Paul senior Nate Berniklau during a late October interview. “It’s been I’d say three, four weeks since he’s been here and I treat him like he’s my brother. He asks me, ‘How’s school, and can you help with this? Can you help me with that? The playbook. Can we get some passes in after practice?’ That way we just get that chemistry going, and we have been. 

On Nov. 20, two colleges pulled the trigger on offering Furia – Pacific University and Willamette University.

Both schools, along with the interest he’s received for numerous other programs, bore witness to the stellar play he’s produced as a high schooler and during the camp/showcase season over the past few months.

And St. Vincent de Paul is ready to unleash its newest quarterback come the now-2021 winter season.

“He’s just been flowing along with the team and just really just that piece that we needed,” said St. Vincent de Paul sophomore Nathan Rooks. “He just filled it perfectly.”

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