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West Coast Preps is in its first year of covering high school sports in the Bay Area and is a free platform aimed at letting all of the remarkable stories regarding student-athletes be heard. This is a voluntary contribution to help us during our first year to continue taking pictures, videos at events and allow us to create more quality content in the future. Contributions to West Coast Preps are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Happy one-year anniversary

Photo by Jeff Nisihura
Photo by Jeff Nisihura


It’s still crazy to think about where we’re at now.

I remember when Gregory Moreland-Tuhn and I were planning to make this company a reality. We wanted to give back to the community that gave us so much. We wanted to provide a positive platform to highlight student-athletes in the Bay Area. 

We envisioned something great. Something big. We envisioned a positive reception.

But I can say that we, at least myself, didn’t see this coming. At least not this fast.

We launched West Coast Preps in the heat of the pandemic on July 30, 2020. We took a huge bet on ourselves. We had every reason to throw in the towel as the pandemic rolled on and things shut down. We had every reason to start giving up as sports kept getting pushed back. 

We didn’t, though, and look at how far West Coast Preps has come thanks to the incredible support system we have in this region.

The West Coast Preps team has put in a tremendous amount of hours to make this thing happen. We’ve worked countless seven-day work weeks. Working on vacations, the little time we give ourselves off. Countless 14-hour days. Sometimes 16 hours. Going to bed at 3 a.m. after a night of two games and waking up just a few hours later to prepare for the next day of work. We were just so motivated to making this thing happen and help every single student-athlete accomplish their dreams. I can’t even begin to describe how many miles we have put on our cars or how high the gas bills were.

West Coast Preps has come so far. We’re at nearly 10,000 followers on all of our social media platforms. We’re constantly breaking our records on the website. Subscriptions are rising on a daily basis.

It’s been the greatest year I could have ever asked for. We went from no sports to everything coming back at once, and I simply can’t describe enough how amazing it was to see everything come back, no matter how crazy the schedule was. We had football three nights per week (what an absolute dream!). Baseball and softball. All on the same day as a basketball game. Soccer. Lacrosse. Track. Everything came back, and I adored those moments.

We got to witness sports come back. We got to witness kids smile again because they were playing the sport they loved with their best friends. Even with limited fans, it didn’t matter. Sports were back. The kids were happy to be playing again. And it brought an absolute joy to my heart. I cry thinking about it still. It was pure raw emotions seeing everyone get to play again. So many kids earned scholarships. 

All of the student-athletes kept working, and I can easily say they motivated us to continue chasing our dreams.

We have easily worked with the greatest people ever during this past year in the Bay Area. The student-athletes are beyond amazing. They bring light to our lives every day and constantly make us laugh and smile. The coaches give us everything we could ever ask for and then a lot more, and they show us unconditional support. The parents. Administrators. Everyone.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have to give a massive shout out to Gregory Moreland-Tuhn, our COO. He and I grew up together in the Bay Area and became great friends when we were on the middle school golf team together. He and I are best friends and are doing this together. It doesn’t get better than that. 

Happy one-year anniversary to West Coast Preps. It really has been the greatest journey ever. We would not trade it for anything. Thank you for helping us pursue and accomplish our dreams. You all will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Here’s to many, many more terrific years.

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  • James Logan vs. Heritage
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  • Bishop O'Dowd vs. St. Mary's-Stockton
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  • De La Salle vs. Cathedral Catholic
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  • Monte Vista vs. Liberty
    7% 202 / 2.5k

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