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Heritage QB Haynes dedicated to greatness

Heritage QB Asher Haynes performs at the RVC Showcase on Nov. 7, 2020. Cliff Jackson / Staff Photo
Heritage QB Asher Haynes performs at the RVC Showcase on Nov. 7, 2020. Cliff Jackson / Staff Photo

Asher Haynes is all in, just like Heritage’s new motto says with first-year head football coach Dave Fogelstrom.

His POD was outside lifting when it was 36 degrees outside in the morning last week. Every single player arrived at 5:30 a.m. 

The Patriots and Haynes, a senior quarterback for Heritage, are 100% invested into what is taking place and are ready to usher in this new era of football in Brentwood with a remarkable turnaround.

“Asher is a guy who leads by example, and he is becoming more vocal, which is nice to see,” Fogelstrom said. “He has mentored one of our younger quarterbacks during our November throwing sessions, and I believe he is ready to lead this team and turn things around for Heritage football.  

“The “All In” culture we are developing fits with Asher’s commitment, especially with our training sessions.  Asher’s energy and enthusiasm has never faded, even with all of the COVID delays and disappointments.”

For the past two years, since Haynes was bumped up to the varsity level as a sophomore, he and his teammates did not experience much winning.

Heritage went a combined 3-17 in 2018 and 2019, with only one victory coming against Bay Valley Athletic League foes. So, Haynes and company are ready to engineer a successful jump up and leave a lasting imprint at the school.

All offseason, Haynes, who is always up early and is also a fisherman, is doing everything in his power to make his final season at Heritage a special one.

Haynes has worked with his receivers two or three times per week outside of practice to get their timing down. He’s been lifting outside with his teammates. And he’s strung together impressive showings at camps and showcases he has attended, most notably at the Routes vs. Coverage Showcase on Nov. 7.

“I definitely think that this whole kind of COVID thing has honestly helped a little bit just given the time that it’s given me to kind of really focus on things I needed to work on,” Haynes said. “I think I’ve definitely seen myself improve in all those areas I mentioned, like with the quick release and just just seeing some better accuracy in my throws over the past couple months definitely. I really think that the extra time that this whole extended season has given me has really helped.”

Fogelstrom, whose relationship with Haynes stems back to when the two started working together when Haynes was in high school, knew right away that Haynes had these special gifts.

Back then, Haynes was determined to be a quarterback and wanted to put in the extra hours it requires to be a successful one at it. And today, Haynes is the same way, constantly reaching out to teammates and being a leader in every sense of the word.

“I have really seen Asher grow as a leader during this offseason,” Fogelstrom said. “He texts guys and is a key point person in communicating with our players. His timing with our receivers has been a struggle because of not being allowed to use a football until most recently. I think he probably went 7 months without a structured throwing environment with our coaching staff. We are trying to get him caught up right now, but his growth in terms of strength has been a positive. He kept training during shelter in place.”

Haynes is ready for something big for this last go-around as a Heritage Patriot, and he’s working as hard as possible to make those ambitions become a reality.

“I think a big goal for our team was to try to make a deep run in the NCS playoffs this year,” Haynes said. “That’s definitely a big team goal. Personally, I think I’m shooting for, trying to get first team quarterback for BVAL. Really just be a team player and get everyone the ball and just be a good leader.”

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