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Iron Sharpens Iron dominates

David Wood intercepts a pass for Iron Sharpens Iron. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
David Wood intercepts a pass for Iron Sharpens Iron. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

Iron Sharpens Iron got back to its winning ways this weekend as the team rallied after a tough loss last week to come together and dominate in a 20-0 win over Team Hustle.

The game started with Iron Sharpens Iron getting the ball as it marched down the field easily. It spread the ball around as Lincoln-Stockton junior Jonah Coleman, Sacramento senior Keysean Gooding and company ran the ball with ease. This continued all game long as the team racked up 97 yards on the ground. The first of two rushing touchdowns came from quarterback Peni Kauifusi on a 9-yard rollout. 

That was just the beginning of the onslaught on Team Hustle as the Iron Sharpens Iron defense stepped in on the next play and got a pick six. Laguna Creek senior David Wood took an overthrow by the Team Hustle quarterback to the house, which gave the Iron Sharpens Iron team a comfortable lead after the first quarter. 

The defense continued to stifle the Team Hustle offense, forcing multiple turnover on downs. They were relentless in the pursuit of every quarterback that stepped on the field, and the defensive backs were flying all over the field. 

However, the offenses could not capitalize on the short fields they had. Multiple times Team Hustle came up with stops in its own redzone as one was an interception off a pass that hit off the hands of the receiver into the arms of Team Hustle and one stop at the end of the half. 

Not much changed in the second half. Team Hustle took nearly all of the third quarter on the first drive of the second half but they could not score after holding the ball for almost 9 minutes. Iron Sharpens Iron did not get the ball many times in the second half, but it did get one score late in the game to push the score to 20-0 with a 5-yard rushing touchdown from Gooding. 

Iron Sharpens Iron continues to dominate throughout the Champions League, moving its record to 3-1 behind a defense that just got its second shutout of the season. Iron Sharpens Iron will look to keep that momentum going into the playoffs as it gets ready for its regular season finale next week against Southwest. 

Gooding led Iron Sharpens Iron with 33 rushing yards and a touchdown on six carries. Coleman followed suit with 24 yards on three touchdowns. Cosumnes Oak’s Michael Rayford had 21 yards on one carry.

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Box Score: 

Rushing: Keysean Gooding – 6 carries, 33 yards, TD. Jonah Coleman – 3 carries, 24 yards. Michael Rayford – 1 carry, 21 yards. Peni Kauifusi – 1 carry, 9 yards, TD. Alonzo Jackson – 3 carries, 5 yards. 

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