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Justin Siena’s football program keeps high hopes

Brandon LaRocco's Justin-Siena squad went 8-4 in 2019. Photo courtesy of Justin-Siena
Brandon LaRocco's Justin-Siena squad went 8-4 in 2019. Photo courtesy of Justin-Siena

Football coaches across the Bay Area are playing the waiting game to hopefully see if they will be given the green light to play a few games in their respective counties. 

“I’m cautiously optimistic.” said Justin-Siena head coach Brandon LaRocco. “It’s a grind, it’s a different grind for sure, but just trying to keep the kids ready.”  

Playing any sport is a grind in itself, but trying to get ready for a season that’s hanging over in a cloud of uncertainty is a different type of grind. Even with the struggles the players have been getting after it on the field and diving into the playbook to get some type of head start if football returns.

Thankfully these kids have a tremendous coach and mentor leading them in these unprecedented times, whose program most recently went 8-4 in 2019 and was a North Coast Section Division VI semifinalist. LaRocco’s squad has been keeping up with workout and other activities since June to keep them in football shape for the chance to maybe get a few games in county. 

“Just trying to keep these kids active and stay positive towards something.” LaRocco said.

 Justine-Siena’s football program is built on working hard to reach championship level play. LaRocco credits that foundation to his former head coach, Rich Cotruvo, who had them competing at a high level during his coaching tenure and led Justin-Siena to six North Coast Section titles.

LaRocco gives credit to his core of seniors for keeping that winning foundation alive, while also keeping that laser focus in this time of uncertainty. 

“All our seniors have worked their tails off,” LaRocco said. “I’m so proud of the way they kept pushing in this time of uncertainty. It’s hard to stay committed to the weight room and the grind of football practice when you really don’t know if you’re gonna get on the field or not.” 

The senior group is led by quarterback Hudson Beers and running back Noah Young, who are itching to get back on the field for their senior year. Beers was one of the top passers in NCS last year, going for 2,942 passing yards and 30 touchdowns – his 2,942 passing yards were No. 4 in NCS and his 30 touchdown passes were tied for sixth, according to statistics available on MaxPreps – while Young ran for 629 yards and 10 touchdowns. 

Justin-Siena’s football program is in good hands with coach LaRocco, even if they aren’t able to return to the football field this year. 

“Relationship building is what it comes down to,” LaRocco said. “I have had great mentors during my play days at Justin. I’m just trying to return the favor.” 

LaRocco has given 21years to this program in which they’ve had much success on and off the field. 

Hopefully Justin-Siena football can get a few nights under lights on Friday nights to keep that winning tradition alive. LaRocco knows his team will be ready and excited to play at any chance they get.   

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