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#LetUsPlay Q&A with Amador Valley Players: Part 2

West Coast Preps spoke with four Amador Valley players about the #LetUsPlay campaign and their involvement in returning to the field of play in a safe manner.

Those who joined the conversation included Amador Valley junior tight end/linebacker/running back Kai Burgermeister, senior quarterback and infielder Brendan O’Sullivan, senior linebacker/fullback Spencer Oxe (Puget Sound commit) and senior tight end/linebacker Spencer Scranton (offers from Lewis & Clark and Whittier).

Part No. 1 of this conversation was posted Friday and Part No. 3 will be posted Sunday.

How important is this upcoming season for you?

Kai: Burgermeister “That’s everything. I feel extremely lucky that I’m a junior. Every day I think about these guys and all the other seniors around the Bay. This is the season that they’ve been waiting for. This is their chance to get that film, get those stats, impress college coaches, time for the offers to come in. And now because we’re delayed, scholarships are going out. Colleges only have so many offers. Roster spots are being filled, and so I feel bad for all my guys who I know are waiting on this season. It’s tough for everybody. Every season means something.”

Spencer Scranton: “I feel very fortunate to have offers. I have two offers, and I feel very fortunate that I even have an opportunity to keep playing football because for most of the guys on my team we’ve been waiting all four years to play this one season. We have a really good group as seniors, and with some of the junior us that have come up. For most of those guys, they’re not going to have another chance to play football. This last season was a chance for some people to get some last offers and to get some better offers and to play and to play more. But without this season a lot of people will, their expectations are just getting cut short.”

Spencer Oxe: “I’m super thankful for the position I’m in, but a lot of these guys, especially guys that I know that are seniors are like I have guys that I know that are just on the cusp, are maybe talking to a couple of JUCO coaches, maybe they’re kind of interested but maybe not really grabbing interest. But they need this senior season for them to put them over the edge to get that coach’s attention to pull the trigger or maybe get that D3 offer or get into a better school than they could maybe because they’ll have the best grades. Some of these guys are just getting screwed over because of the pandemic…

Brendan O’Sullivan: “On paper, we look really good and in practice we’ve looked really good. We’ve all had to look at it, we got moved up to a higher division now in EBAL wise. And so it’s just been us looking forward to this like Spencer said the last four years. Just tough when we’re maybe not going to be able to play and produce the way we know we can this year. It’s just tough.”

How do you guys help your teammates through this who are on the cusp?

Brendan O’Sullivan: “Retweeting, getting routes when we can, throwing. Getting video of guys just running routes and working out and stuff. Whatever we can do.”

Spencer Oxe: “I’ve had coaches call me that I know of and talk to the other guys that I know about, and I’m like, ‘Hey, coach, what’s up, blah, blah, blah.’ I go, ‘Hey, this guy. I know you’re talking to him. He’s really good. You should give him a shot. I try to shout out every guy I know if it’s applicable to the coach because I want to make sure that my guys get the best possible education they could and play football in college if they want to.”

How do you guys play a season in a safe manner?

Brendan O’Sullivan: “I think one way to do it is be really proactive in wearing masks. When we’re on the sideline be really good about social distancing and stuff, and then on top of that just being good in the community as well as just knowing our roles. Hopefully the vaccine will help us a little bit. It’s not easy without proper guidance, but if everybody is on top of it and working hard to play, I think it should work.”

Kai Burgermeister: “This holiday season is going to be big because a lot of people are going to be visiting family, kind of the same thing with Thanksgiving break. Just getting the numbers down, and I think a season can be played safely. I think other states have shown that. Just like Brennan was saying, everyone has got to be wearing a mask. The CIF is being really good. They’ve had every opportunity to just outright cancel it, but they keep pushing it back, and I’m optimistic that they’re trying to get a season in for us – whether we play 10 games, eight games, five games, only in county, whatever. I think they’re trying to try their best, and as long as the numbers stay good I think we can do it safely.”

Spencer Oxe: “Like Kai was saying, at this point we’re willing to risk some things just to play. If we can only get five games in, awesome. I just want to play. If I have to social bubble with my family and maybe not see as many people, fine, I want to play football. I feel like I’m speaking for everybody when I say that we want to play this season probably as bad as anybody else or even more just because seeing other people being able to play just really feels unfair. And I know life is unfair, but it just hurts seeing guys going out having fun and under the same conditions that we are. Some of these states have higher percentages of their population who have gotten cases, and we’re sitting over here pretty good in our county. And we’re getting screwed over I feel like. It’s just tough.”

Spencer Scranton: “We’re doing our best on and off the field to try to make it safe for everybody, make it safe to play. And if the county and state thinks that we’re good to go, then in a few months we’re going to be good to go.”

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