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Monte Vista routs Dublin for first win

Grayson Coons tossed a shutout in Monte Vista's 14-0 win versus Dublin. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
Grayson Coons tossed a shutout in Monte Vista's 14-0 win versus Dublin. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

This game was all Monte Vista, as it put up two touchdowns on the Dublin Gaels’ baseball team. A one man pitching staff on the day left goose eggs all across the scoreboard. All of this ended in Monte Vista’s first win, 14-0. 

Monte Vista played great all day, but the most impressive player on this day was pitcher Grayson Coons. Coons had an amazing day from the first inning to the final inning of the game. His first inning started three up, three down, with two strikeouts. He had a run in this game of four straight strikeouts, as his pitches were located all day long. He would finish with a complete game shutout and 10 strikeouts. 

Dublin Gaels starting pitcher Zach Miller also had an impressive first inning, but he had to battle for the rest of his day. Miller ended his day throwing 2 ⅓ innings while giving up a few runs. He really battled to keep the Gaels in the game, but he could only contain the Mustangs for so long. 

The whole Mustangs lineup contributed somehow, as the team put up 14 runs in this six-inning game. They capitalized on a few mistakes throughout the game and had a few key hits that blew open the game. The Dublin Gaels relief pitchers struggled to find the zone, but give credit to the Mustangs, as they took close pitches and walked their way into multiple runs. 

This is just game one between these two teams though as the Gaels and Mustangs will face off again at 4 p.m. Friday. Monte Vista will try to catapult itself off this dominating performance, while Dublin will try to find a way to bounce back after a crushing defeat. 

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