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Monte Vista’s Boscia ready for stellar junior season

Cole Boscia catches a pass in Cal Strength's season finale. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
Cole Boscia catches a pass in Cal Strength's season finale. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

Every time Monte Vista junior receiver Cole Boscia watches a college football game, he wants to be just like one of the players suiting up on those fall Saturdays.

Boscia has worked with Malini Ti’a, a cornerback from Granada who now plays at Dixie State after being a first team all-league player in the East Bay Athletic League. There’s Shamar Garrett, a freshman running back at San Jose State who was an all-state honoree at San Jose State.

There’s also Davante Adams in the pros, a Palo Alto product who just led the NFL in receiving touchdowns (18) with the Green Bay Packers this past season.

“Whenever I look at a college game or see edits, just seeing how cool and awesome it would be to be at the collegiate level,” Boscia said. “And you can’t beat free education. Period.”

During his sophomore season on the Monte Vista junior varsity squad, that’s when others began to see that Boscia was bound for the next level someday. 

One of Boscia’s coaches, Robert Rutchena, saw something special in Boscia, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“I would say JV season is where one of my coaches, Robert Rutchena, told me, he kind of recognized my talent and I had missed a lot of games last season from an injury, but after that I just kind of went from there,” Boscia said. “My passion for the sport and my skill – it’s kind of took off.”

Boscia’ game only heightened once his sophomore campaign came to a close.

A big focus of Boscia’s over this lengthy offseason has been speed, looking to improve his 40-yard dash time from 4.7 seconds down to 4.5 seconds. Additionally, he’s been finding ways to strengthen other avenues.

“Obviously with school, going down to LA every weekend and practicing every day is really hard,” Boscia said. “I think I’ve grown in terms of learning to manage my time a lot better and really just prioritizing what I need to get done better.”

And Boscia shined in the travel football scene as part of Cal Strength in the Winner Circle Athletics Champions League.

In Cal Strength’s 5-1 season, with the only loss coming in 21-14 fashion to OC Elite in overtime, Boscia registered three games of four-plus catches and two games of 30-plus yards – highlighted by a 74-yard and two-touchdown day in the second week of the season. 

“It was great, especially because I chose to stay down last year for my sophomore season at JV, and I was curious,” Boscia said. “Not really nervous, but curious to see how the competition was going to be just down there and on varsity. Having those big games really boosted my confidence, told me I could compete at the varsity level.”

College programs are reaching out and inquiring about Boscia, who maintains a 4.0 cumulative GPA. Boscia said he;s heard from some Ivy League schools and Liberal Arts universities.

Just like in football, Boscia is utilizing time management to his advantage with online school. He’s doing everything in his power to better his odds at landing an opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.

An aspect of Boscia’s game he knows he will bring to a respective football program is his playmaking ability.

“I think I’m a playmaker,” Boscia said. “A lot of my routes were in this recent season of Cal Strength. Jump balls. I’m 6-3, 205. I’m a big body. Personally, I think my best skillset is my routes, releasing off the top of routes. I’m really just trying to get faster right now. I can’t preach that enough. Speed training. I’m really just trying to focus on that, and I think that will. I get down to 4.4 or 4.5, I think that will really help me as a player.”

At Monte Vista, in his first varsity season, Boscia strives for the greatest of seasons while adding to a storied history of Mustangs football – which most recently appeared in the North Coast Section Division I semifinals.

“I sure hope we go undefeated because I think we have a pretty good team this year,” Boscia said. “And I hope we really take advantage of all the players we have this year. From an offensive perspective, I just hope we, I don’t want to be too cocky or whatever in terms of numbers for our team for our offense, but I’m hoping and I think we’ll do pretty well.”

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