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More opportunities abound at second Bay Area Top 100 Showcase

The Bay Area Top 100 Showcase will be streamed live for coaches. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
The Bay Area Top 100 Showcase will be streamed live for coaches. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

A little less than two months since a successful showcase, Xclusive Speed is set to host another one in the region.

The second installment of the Xclusive Speed Bay Area Top 100 Showcase is set for Saturday morning, providing more athletes in the region whose seasons were delayed an opportunity to display their talents.

All COVID-19 guidelines will be strictly enforced, as all coaches must wear masks and parents will be off the field and instead on the sideline.

“The Bay Area Top 100 Showcase is going to be an incredible atmosphere. We’ve got athletes from all across the Bay Area, but there is something special this time around,” said Xclusive Speed founder and head trainer Giles Chapman. “We’ve got athletes from Washington, Arizona, quite a few from Los Angeles, so there’s going to be a real good mixture of athletes coming together and just competing. We’re doing it in a safe environment, a safe atmosphere. So we are really excited to get things going here back again.”

Its first-ever showcase on July 18 in San Ramon was a hit for those in attendance.

Multiple athletes received offers in the days following the Bay Area Top 100 Showcase, with their stellar results and film from the event leading to chances to extend their careers beyond high school and junior college.

“It helped athletes to the point where I didn’t even know,” Chapman said. “We had athletes get offered left and right from that film, from those clips, from the Bay Area Top 100 Showcase, and it was just really interesting to see how times are changing in terms of social media and how clips can really take an athlete above the edge because there is no playing film right now, so without any playing film these workout videos, these showcases, it’s really important to the athlete in terms of building their resume for bettering themselves for a college.”

Results and film from the last showcase were sent out to more than 100 colleges, but this time there is an even grander stage for the participating athletes to get their names out there. 

This rendition will be live streamed, creating a platform to where college coaches from all over the country can tune in and watch the competition. And if they can’t watch live, then the coaches are still able to watch it after.

“It’s literally endless at this point,” Chapman said. “It’s literally a stream. They can see all the competition from start to end in terms of all the things that we’re doing from that day, and it’s really critical just because they can see the athletes close up. There is nothing edited. There is nothing filtered. It’s raw and uncut, and you can see it live and after, so that’s really, really cool for this time around.”

All Chapman and company are doing is giving a major platform for all of these west coast athletes, particularly during this time period where sports are shut down compared to other states like Alabama, Texas and Utah.

“We’re behind the eight-ball, and that’s just because of we’re not necessarily playing, and so the athletes that are playing, they’re getting an edge just based on repetitions, and those repetitions for the California guys and for the west coast guys are these showcases, are these group sessions, are these trainings,” Chapman said. “And that’s all we can really go off of, so this platform is really critical for a lot of athletes, like I said, just building their college resume right now, so it’s going to be a fun one.”

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