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OC Elite wins a thriller

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

OC Elite really battled in this one, as the Juice County Buckeyes were right there all day, but ultimately it was a double overtime thriller that ended with OC Elite on top, 22-21. 

This was the battle of the Orange County teams, and it was an incredible game that went back and forth, but it was a defensive battle up until overtime. The regulation score was 7-7 and there were defensive stands all over. 

The scoring started with Noah Fifita hitting a 29-yard bomb in the second quarter to Deville Fata. This put up Juice County early and this score held for a while until Ethan Ruiz took a 1-yard run from the quarterback position to tie it at 7-7 late in the third quarter. 

The play by Juice County quarterback Noah Fifita was impressive all day as he totaled 222 yards and three total touchdowns. 

Two of Fifita’s touchdowns came in OT, but it was not enough as OC Elite scored easily and then went for two in the second overtime using the QB draw one last time and scoring the two-point conversion to take the win 22-21.

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