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Offseason grind paying off for Cotner

Brian Cotner trains at Mountain View High School on Dec. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Brian Cotner trains at Mountain View High School on Dec. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

There isn’t a thing Mountain View junior receiver and defensive back Brian Cotner isn’t doing to boost his impact out there.

When Cotner worked out by himself, he took videos to see the progression he made and see what he could improve on. And he’s doing the same thing now with a bunch of his teammates, going out to the Mountain View High School field, getting reps in with each other and recording each play.

“I took videos of my route to see where I needed to improve on and then how I could get better at it, and then watching those videos and watching me now it feels good to see how much I’ve progressed, like all that hard work paying off,” Cotner said. “I’ve just got to keep getting that and watch all that hard work pay off.”

Cotner is a lengthy 5’11” and 145-pound athlete who has been an integral piece across the Mountain View football landscape.

Once he began his football career as a freshman, he took a liking to the sport immediately. Once his sophomore year came around, he realized just what he needed to do to play at the varsity level and perhaps become a college-level athlete like a pair of his teammates – senior receiver Austin Flax is signed to Drake University at the Division I FCS level, and senior defensive back and receiver Ryan Cambouris holds three Division III offers.

That’s when he began to take it seriously and started on both sides of the ball.

“I was starting at receiver and cornerback, so receiver we didn’t really throw that much,” Cotner said. “We mainly threw to the tight end, but other than that we just ran the ball, so throughout the entire game I understood what they need them and how they play. And then same thing for cornerback. I just studied the receivers, see how they run their routes and everything.”

This offseason, Cotner’s focus lies mainly on his route running and his hands – everything needed to become a complete receiver on Mountain View’s offense.

He’s also added to his frame, lifting more and trying to gain more weight,

“Physically, I’ve been growing a bit, but being like 5-11, 145 I’m like not the biggest guy out there, so I’ve been working on that,” Cotner said. “But as that takes more time than trying to develop speed and then route running and then your hands and stuff, so I’ve been working on that stuff. But during this offseason I’m trying to put on some more weight.”

Some of his teammates, like Cambouris and Flax, have shown Cotner the way on how to make it to the college level, too.

Flax reached out to around 50 coaches per day. So, Cotner is trying to do the same, contacting them and sending them his film.

Cotner would love to become a Division I player, but he’s open to all possibilities.

“Main goal obvious is to try and get D1, but right now as a junior it’s going to be hard because freshman year and sophomore year I don’t have much film that I can send out because I wasn’t really taking football that seriously back then,” Cotner said. “But now I’m just hoping for a junior season so that I can get some film out, send it to some of the D3 in-state schools here.”

Right now, Cotner hopes to extend Mountain View’s time in the postseason after making it to the Central Coast Section playoffs each of the last two years before an exit in the opening round.

“Just trying to go undefeated in regular season and then in playoffs trying to make a run because like Austin said, we haven’t been too successful in the playoffs, but if we do have a season this year I’m very confident we’ll have a good record in the playoffs,” Cotner said.

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