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Offseason growth lifts Monte Vista QB Dyllan Devitt

Dyllan Devitt warms up ahead of a Cal Strength win on Jan. 30, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Dyllan Devitt warms up ahead of a Cal Strength win on Jan. 30, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Growth is exactly what Monte Vista junior quarterback Dyllan Devitt has accomplished over this extended offseason.

Devitt was 5’8” last year, boasting a smaller frame than usual at the quarterback spot. This offseason, he skyrocketed to 6’1” and is now playing at that height for his travel team, Cal Strength, in the Winner Circle Athletics Champions League and for Monte Vista when the season rolls around. 

Being a smaller stature was always something that pushed Devitt every day since he first started the sport when he was 7, along with his family, and he hasn’t looked back.

“The thing that motivates me the most is just I want to prove my dad,” Devitt said. “He helps me a lot. Just being there for me. My family and just my teammates. Just being there for my teammates. The big motivation was just being a late developer because I was playing at such a smaller size than others. Just being able to grow – it’s been a lot of a help.”

The offseason for Devitt was filled with everything.

He really focused on his movement inside and outside of the pocket, in addition to his time in the weight room to get stronger. 

“I’ve been in the weight room a lot this offseason, and I’ve been building chemistry with my guys, throwing with them throughout the pandemic to keep that chemistry for our high school season if it happens.”

Whether or not a high school season commences, Devitt is savoring the opportunity to play club football in Southern California – which he and many of his Monte Vista teammates have done together for Cal Strength.

Part of a 4-1 Cal Strength squad, Devitt is excelling for one of the top teams in the WCA Champions League, putting forth a pair of efforts with 125-plus yards over the past four weeks – 162 yards and three touchdowns in week 2, followed by 127 yards the following week.

“It’s been great for the recruiting process and for just playing with my high school guys and just having fun, being back on the field again,” Devitt said. “It’s awesome just to be back on the field with the people I play with and I’m friends with.”

Success is in Devitt’s DNA, and he attributes much of that to his teammates and Victor James with Proving Grounds.

“A big person that’s helped me get to this situation is Victor James,” Devitt said. “I worked with him the whole time throughout the whole extended offseason, and it’s been great to work with him just throwing with my guys – Cole Boscia, Jack Endries. It’s been great to build the chemistry this offseason to get ready for the high school season.”

But Devitt is doing far more than just shining on the football field.

Another aspect of Devitt’s do-it-all presence is his time in the classroom, where he boasts a 4.2 GPA. 

“Schoolwork is always the priority for me,” Devitt said. “I’ve been told since I started playing football it’s ‘student-athlete.’ You have to make sure you have good grades, because if you don’t have good grades none of this would happen. It’s always the first priority for me.”

Now, Devitt is a varsity quarterback for the Monte Vista Mustangs, whose tradition at the position is one of the best in all of high school football.

Two of its former quarterbacks currently play collegiately. Jack Stewardson is a freshman at the University of Washington. Jake Haener is at Fresno State after transferring from Washington, throwing for 2,2021 yards and 14 touchdowns as a Bulldog this pseapastson season. 

Devitt knows the history before him, and he’s ready to carry the legacy on.

“It’s a big motivation factor for me just to play after those guys, just knowing that I have a standard to meet,” Devitt said. “It’s a challenge, and I love that challenge. It pushes me every day.”

College opportunities are beginning to present themselves for Devitt, too.

Although it’s early in the process for Devitt, he’s already heard from schools in FCS conferences like the Big Sky, Ivy League and Pioneer. 

All he wants is an opportunity.

“It would mean everything for me,” Devitt said. “Just having worked this whole time to get that opportunity. It would mean a lot to me just to be able to play at the next level and continue playing the sport that I love. It would just be awesome.”

For this upcoming season, though, Devitt is focused on winning every which way at Monte Vista.

“For the team, I think our season right now if we played it would be like a five or six game season, so my goal would probably be to not lose a game and just showcase everyone on this team, how good they are,” Devitt said. “Having Cribb as our running back with Endries and Boscia too, and just having a bunch of talent on this team. It’s a great feeling to have them.”

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