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Overlooked Belluomini paces Livermore in backfield

Dominic Belluomini carries the ball against Foothill on March 13, 2021. Cliff Jackson / Staff Photo
Dominic Belluomini carries the ball against Foothill on March 13, 2021. Cliff Jackson / Staff Photo

When Livermore senior running back Dominic Belluomini first started playing football, he always saw himself as the overlooked one.

Belluomini, whose career first started in seventh grade, was never the biggest player. And he still isn’t today, as he’s listed at 5’4” and 175 pounds on the roster.

“But I always kind of saw myself as the underdog because I’ve always been the shorter type of guy, so I just try to make myself better and try to inspire other people to play, too,” Belluomini said.

With that underdog mindset, Belluomini never turned back and only improved his game throughout the years, helping the Cowboys become one of the best teams in the region.

Belluomini leads Livermore with 357 rushing yards on 55 carries, part of a squad that is 4-1 and going through one of the best seasons the school has ever seen, sitting in second place in the East Bay Athletic League Valley Division.

But Belluomini doesn’t see his play as a success. He just strives for me.

“I don’t really see it like that,” Belluomini said. “I just try to put in hard work and improve myself and just do the best I can every play. Just give it my all.”

He’s seen all of the work he put in from last year’s 6-5 season to now pay off, when he worked out, was running and trying to do anything outside to utilize the elongated offseason to his advantage.

“Trying to work on my footwork and just keep yourself mentally,” Belluomini said. “‘We can have a season going. Just keep going at it. It’s right around the corner. We can just keep working for it if we just do everything.’”

Entering the season finale at 7 p.m. Saturday at Granada, Belluomini hopes to conclude his high school campaign with one more win during this special year.

Currently, this is Livermore’s best season in the MaxPreps era, which dates back to 2004.

“Try to win games, keep playing as hard as we can,” Belluomini said. “We have this momentum. Just got to keep it going and just put our all into it.”

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