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Piedmont’s leading scorer takes advantage of extended offseason

Luke Harris was Piedmont's leading scorer last season. Photo courtesy of Piedmont Basketball
Luke Harris was Piedmont's leading scorer last season. Photo courtesy of Piedmont Basketball

Throughout the past few basketball seasons, one team that seems to keep making noise in the North Coast Section is Piedmont High School. Since 2015, the boys varsity team has managed to make NCS and have even made state the past two years. While there are many players within the team that deserve credit for their success, no other player seems more eye opening at the moment than Piedmont’s Luke Harris.

Originally from Oakland and moving to Piedmont at 5 years old, Harris was a junior last year playing on varsity and was one of the main components to Piedmont’s best season ever. 

Last year, Harris assisted his team into accomplishing a 24-6 record and winning the program’s  first-ever North Coast Section championship. Averaging 18.6 points a game out of the team’s 75.6, Harris had a stellar season which included many smiles and memories. 

“The most memorable moment for a game moment for me would have to be winning the NCS championship against St. Mary’s High School,” Harris said. “The feelings that my team and I got after the game were indescribable. All the fans from Piedmont were there, and they stormed the court once we won. It was just magical if that’s how I would describe it.”

With the ongoing pandemic making a lot of last minute changes to push back the 2020-2021 regular season, players like Harris have used the extended offseason to further improve their gameplay. 

“It definitely has been a long off season,” Harris said. “But I think for this offseason I have tried to polish my game up by becoming a better shooter. One of the things I told myself at the end of last season was to reach the next level of shooting by being a more consistent shooter from the outside.” 

For the past 15 weeks, Harris and his teammates have been practicing drills outside to stay conditioned with the help of their head coach, Ben Spencer. Harris has also been using this period to spend extra time with the weights as he pursues a more strong and faster version of himself in time for next season.

Harris still has one more year to play with Piedmont before he graduates from the school and meets up with his newly committed college. In September, Harris will move into Carleton College, where he hopes to take his basketball skills to the next course by playing at the college level.

Harris is looking at becoming either a political science or economics major for the next four years of his life.

 “It has always been a dream of mine to play in the college level ever since I was a little kid,” Harris said. “It is kind of like a dream come true for me and I was really grateful for being able to commit to playing at this college.”

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