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Playing through adversity, Granada basketball looks to have a strong season

Last season, Granada High School’s boys basketball team finished its league season with an 8-5 record. This record had them finish tied for fourth place in the East Bay League. Since that season, Granada has had six of its players graduate. Head coach Quaron Johnson says that this turnover has been tough during the pandemic, but adversity is part of the game.

It has been tough to catch the new players up to speed throughout the pandemic for numerous reasons. Granada has only been able to get into a weight room as a team for about the past three weeks. Additionally, it has had to practice on outdoor courts and a local middle school.

“There is a lot of adversity practicing on outdoor courts, but it is a part of the game,” Johnson said. “I just try to spin it into a positive thing”

Making the most of the opportunity is a big value that has been brought into Granada through the pandemic. Johnson realizes that practicing through this adversity has made the team tougher and more dedicated to the game. Certainly, these hardships will make the team stronger throughout the long run.

All this hard work will finally pay off with the recent announcement that California will now allow indoor high school sports. With a season looming, Granada looks to build off its strong season from last year.

One player to look out for is junior Kevin Gad. Gad is a 6-6 shooting guard for Granada. Although he is listed as a shooting guard, Gad can play and defend multiple positions. Gad has currently been having discussions with various West Coast Conference programs to figure out what his collegiate career will look like.

“Gad had some big games against our tougher opponents last year,” Johnson said. “He is only going to be a junior this year, so he is going to be good.”

It appears that Granada will get to have a season at long last. This team has battled through lots of adversity to prepare themselves thoroughly for the season ahead. Granada basketball is looking to build off last season and turn some heads this year.

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