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Purcell garnering impressive film

Teddy Purcell completed 23 of of 30 passes for 253 yards and a touchdown against Burlingame. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Teddy Purcell completed 23 of of 30 passes for 253 yards and a touchdown against Burlingame. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Like many high school players in California, Sacred Heart Prep senior quarterback Teddy Purcell’s athletics future is a little bit in limbo.

Purcell, tabbed as one of the top quarterbacks in the region, has embarked on an illustrious career at Sacred Heart Prep. He threw 14 touchdown passes and just three interceptions last season, lifting the Gators into the Central Coast Section semifinals.

His senior year was supposed to be even bigger in terms of sheer numbers, with a full season, of course. But the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world, making California delay its high school sports seasons until the spring while numerous other states were able to complete them in the fall.

So, Purcell was stuck waiting, but he always stayed the course.

“It is really different,” Purcell said. “I have a positive mindset through my parents. My dad is an extremely positive guy, and he’s always been telling me, he’s like, ‘You can either look at this and say well, this messed me up or this is the reason I didn’t get to go D1 or you can go earn it and work hard every single day for that when that opportunity does come, you’re ready.’”

Through two games of an abbreviated senior season, Purcell is getting some more excellent film out there, as he searches for a home to continue his football career at the next level.

Purcell has completed 72.7% of his passes for 633 yards and eights touchdowns, starting out the year with a 12-of-15 effort for 201 yards and three touchdowns in a 49-12 win over Aragon and following that up with a 22-of-30 day for 255 yards and one score in a 17-0 victory against Burlingame. He then had 177 passing yards and four touchdowns in a massive 38-31 victory against King’s Academy, lifting SHP to a 3-0 record and a spot in the Bay Area Football Rankings.

“He’s one of the best leaders I’ve ever had in sports,” said Sacred Heart Prep senior receiver Paul Barton. “Every practice he comes out ready to play. He’ll play through whatever, and he keeps reiterating how important it is to come focused. I think he’s one of the best leaders we have.”

Where Purcell’s game has really taken off is in his ability to extend plays.

On more than a handful of occasions against Burlingame, Purcell was rocked in the backfield, still finding ways despite the hits to complete downfield throws. Plus, he used his legs to evade pressure and pick up big gains.

“I work so hard in the offseason to try to have that ability to extend plays and make throws off the platform and different things like that and get out of the pocket,” Purcell said. “Toughness – I’ve just always kind of been raised like that. Just do what you can for the team. If that means taking a hit, that means taking a hit.”

With these first two games of film, Purcell expects it to give him a boost in recruiting. He said he’s been sending it out to as many colleges as possible.

He’s also applied to some schools and maybe could go there as a walk-on or preferred walk-on.

“It’s definitely been challenging,” Purcell said. “I think with the postponed season as well as the no camps or a lot of showcases in the summer, it was definitely challenging to get out and show the coaches what I’ve been working on in the offseason. But these games have been very helpful for that, and I’m going to try to continue to build on that in the coming weeks.”

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