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Return to football pays off for Campolindo’s Weaver

Maxwell Weaver catches a pass against Las Lomas. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Maxwell Weaver catches a pass against Las Lomas. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Campolindo senior receiver and defensive back Maxwell Weaver almost never got to his point on the football field.

The talented athlete took a year off from football as a sophomore and focused on basketball, where he has won multiple state championships. He was a hooper, and that was exactly what he wanted to do.

“I was all hoops,” Weaver said.

But he got the itch to play again. Football was everything to him. He missed the sport too much.

In some way shape or form, Weaver had to return to the sport. And has it more than worked out for Weaver.

He signed his letter of intent to play collegiate football at Davidson, a Division I program where he will continue his career.

“I was like, ‘I love this sport too much. It means so much to me, and there’s nothing quite like it.’ Coach Macy has put me in a great position,” Weaver said. “He’s supported me the entire way. I’m lucky enough to go play at Davidson next year.”

Today, Weaver can’t stop thanking the people around him for helping him reach where he is today.

Weaver’s football career started young with flag football in second grade, but the tackle football part just came around three years ago when he became a high school student. From there, it only developed into a bigger – and greater – aspect of his life.

“I think No. 1 it’s the people surrounding me,” Weaver said. “I have a great coaching staff, great family and great friends who support me every single day. And it’s also my work ethic. I work extremely hard.”

That family support has been crucial for Weaver, who said they’ve taught him exactly what it takes to be successful.

And Weaver is shining as a student-athlete at Campolindo, part of an undefeated 5-0 squad that just captured a league title with a 38-28 victory over Las Lomas. Weaver currently leads the Cougars in both receiving yards (417) and touchdowns (5).

All of that was on display against Las Lomas, a day when he went for 146 receiving yards – the second straight game he surpassed 100 yards – and had a 64-yard carry.

Another game featured a 92-yard and two-touchdown performance in the season-opening victory against Freedom, following that up with a 58-yard display with one touchdown in a win against Benicia.

Last season was much of the same for Weaver, as he finished with 534 receiving yards and six touchdowns.

It stems from the drive to never stop working for greater things. 

“In terms of what motivates me every day is just being able to get better, making sure you’re a masterpiece,” Weaver said. “You can only control two things every single day, and it’s your attitude and your effort.”

Soon, Weaver is off to Davidson, where he fell in love with the atmosphere of the school and program.

Davidson fit all of the checkboxes, Weaver said, dating back to when the coaching staff – starting with Mark Hogan, the safeties coach – first reached out in the spring of 2020. Davidson is currently 4-2 this year after compiling an 8-4 record in 2019. 

“It was awesome,” Weaver said. “You get to play football for four more years. It’s a blessing. It’s indescribable.”

At Davidson, Weaver said he will major in economics, potentially adding a second major in political science. 

“I really love government, and over the past six months we’ve seen a very polarized United States,” Weaver said. “It’s my interest, and I hope to unite this country rather than divide.”

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