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Rhodes excels as four-sport athlete at Madison Park Academy

Dymonne Rhodes is a four-sport student-athlete. Photo courtesy of Madison Park Academy
Dymonne Rhodes is a four-sport student-athlete. Photo courtesy of Madison Park Academy

As a child, Dymonne Rhodes was always ready to become a successful athlete in multiple sports.

The Madison Park Academy senior was always one of the top runners in her Physical Education classes. Plus, she was one of the stronger individuals in her class.

Today, Rhodes is showing why she is one of the top athletes and is doing so in four different sports as a high schooler in volleyball, basketball, softball and track and field.

“I think that also helped me to be a successful athlete, and also motivation from people that I know and people that watched me, like coach (Madison Park Academy athletic director) Dion (Evans),” Rhodes said. “He recommended that I run for the track team because he saw me in eighth grade running, so he came up to me and he told me that he wanted me to run track. I think that also helped me become a successful runner.”

After that recommendation from Evans, Rhodes blossomed into one of the star runners in Oakland, and she ranks among the best runners returning in the city of Oakland entering her final year of high school.

Rhodes recorded a time of 1:09.47 seconds in the 400-meter dash as a sophomore at the Oakland Athletic League finals in 2019, which was good enough for third place. That time also makes her the No. 1 400-meter returnee in Oakland.

But that’s only part of Rhodes’ story as a top-flight student-athlete at Madison Park Academy.

She has only competed in each of these sports since high school began. Softball began as a freshman. Track as a sophomore. Volleyball and basketball as a sophomore.

With that comes a treacherous journey balancing time, particularly with softball and track both occurring in the spring, yet she has made the most of it by finding the right balance.

“Sometimes I would go one day I would go to one practice for one sport and the other day I would go to the other sport that I played, or I would split the time up,” Rhodes said. “So half the time I go to one of the sports practice and then I switch and go to the second.”

On top of that, Rhodes has also coached middle school volleyball – thanks in part because of advice from Evans.

What that squad accomplished was a testament to Rhodes’ leadership qualities, helping them make a deep run all the way to the championship.

“Me and a friend of mine, we saw the previous year one of our classmates, she was the volleyball coach,” Rhodes said. “So we were like, ‘That looks fun, so we’re going to try it.’ And also, coach Dion, he asked if we wanted to be the coach because he likes our leadership skills and he wanted this to be like a new experience.”

From those first days to now, Rhodes has continued to make strides and be one of the top student-athletes in the region.

Heading into her senior season, although there is a condensed sports calendar that she is still going through the decision-making process for, she has more goals to accomplish – one of which is competing in more events in track, like the long jump, 800-meter run and more relays.

And Rhodes will notice even more growth as a four-sport star at Madison Park Academy.

“Well from our freshman year I feel like I was kind of struggling as an athlete because it was kind of new to me that I had all these responsibilities dedicated to a specific sport, so I was a beginner, but now I’m more experienced and I feel like I’m a much better athlete because I got to experience playing sports and I also watched people play,” Rhodes said.


  1. Andrea Hallman on August 17, 2020 at 9:45 am

    Awesome job

  2. Jessica Tucker on August 17, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    Impressive Dymonne! Keep up the hard work!!

  3. Alyssa Sayavedra on August 17, 2020 at 2:35 pm

    Proud of you Dymonne! You have always had a lot of leadership potential but it has been incredible to see you gain confidence and excel in more and more sports as well as coaching others. Looking forward to having you as a Calculus student this year! <3 Dr. S

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