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Rodriguez wins big against Vallejo

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

A very rare Friday afternoon football game was played between Rodriguez High School and Vallejo High School. It was a game that saw big play after big play. In a game that had a total of 84 points, the Rodriguez Mustangs came out on top, 64-20, behind the big games from Leroy Bryant, Anthony Homa, Jamoryon Johnson and Myles Meadows. 

The scoring started very quickly, as the opening kickoff was returned to the house by the highly athletic Bryant. He streaked down the right sideline, and quickly the Mustangs were up on Vallejo, 6-0. The Mustangs were relentless all day, going for two on each touchdown and onside kicking on just about every kickoff as well. The strategy worked on some occasions.

The Red Hawks offense struggled to get much going early on, but a big play happened defensively early in the first, as they intercepted the ball. The offense could still not get any yardage and struggled to keep drives alive inserting some more great special teams by the Rodriguez squad. A blocked punt set them up in great position. 

Quickly after the blocked punt, the Mustangs got into the red zone and handed off to their powerful running back, Malachi Jones. Jones got his touchdown from about seven yards out, making the score 14-0 after the successful two-point conversion. Anthony Homa was a two-point extraordinaire, as he was a part of four successful two-point conversions.

Homa was up next, too. Still only midway through the first quarter, the Mustangs would get the ball back, and they struck again on a 30-yard touchdown pass to the highly talented Homa. Homa, originally from Buffalo, New York. has had an explosive season. He has already totaled 34 catches this season, including his seven catches in this game.

The Mustangs still were not done in the first quarter. Keith Gallon was up, as he plunged into the end zone from the 5-yard line. Vallejo fought back, though. A really big day by running back Devon Baclay put the Vallejo Red Hawks on the board for the first time on the season. It was a 73-yard sprint right up the middle and a couple good moves at the goal line got him into the end zone. This would make the score 28-6 in the first quarter. 

The first quarter scoring was not done, though. A great trick play called by head coach and former NFL wide receiver Stevie Johnson gave Homa his second touchdown of the first quarter. Homa received the pass from Jamoryon Johnson after he got tossed the ball from quarterback Myles Meadows. That would finally end the wild first quarter that saw a total of 44 points. 

The scoring was not done either ,as the second quarter saw Johnson juke his way to a 74-yard touchdown. Gallon also got into the end zone again for the 50th point of the first half for the Mustangs. Vallejo would score to end the first half, as quarterback Rodrigo Camacho scrambled his way to a 42-yard touchdown run. That would end the first half at a score of 50-14. 

Gerald Certeza would recover a fumble for a score, and Bryant would score his second touchdown of the day, this time receiving an 8-yard pass. One more big run from Baclay would wrap up the game. Baclay had two two touchdown runs of 70-plus yards and ended his day with 188 yards and two touchdowns. 

For Homa, it is more than a game to him right now, as his family watches him through the live stream of the games back in New York 

“There’s a lot more to play for than just the game,” Homa said.

“I felt today we played more as a team than we did last week,” Bryant said. “Everybody just played good and with energy.” 

The Mustangs move to 2-1 on the season and look to win out and battle for a league title, while the Red Hawks lose their season opener. The Red Hawks only have one more game currently on their schedule on April 17, while the Mustangs will play at 7:30 p.m. on April 9.

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