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Sawyer grateful for everything ahead of senior year at BCP

Jaxon Sawyer practices at Bellarmine on Nov. 4, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Jaxon Sawyer practices at Bellarmine on Nov. 4, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Bellarmine senior running back/defensive back Jaxon Sawyer is appreciative of every opportunity he’s been given.

He thanks his parents for all of the sacrifices they’ve made for him. He thanks his teammates for everything they’ve done for him and all of the sacrifices they’ve made to help him succeed.

Now he’s here, ready to star for his one last season at Bellarmine before the next chapter of his journey begins in a few months.

“I know I’m doing wrong by them, by my teammates, by my family if I don’t go as hard as I can and do as much as I can with these opportunities because a lot of people don’t get the opportunities that we get, and that just motivates me even more to make the best of the time I have,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer saw all of those sacrifices and hard work pay off by his older brother, Jaden Sawyer, who eventually earned his way to a Division I scholarship at the University of Nevada-Reno.

Jaden Sawyer was a first team all-league selection in the West Catholic Athletic League and garnered honorable mention honors in the Central Coast Section, also winning two league titles in his time as a Bell. He went on to Nevada as a walk on and needed to work his way for everything he got.

That he did.

A scholarship came Jaden Sawyer’s way in a college career that featured 17 starts, 100 tackles, seven tackles for loss and three interceptions.

In that time, Jaxon Sawyer was able to travel across the country to attend his brother’s games, where he developed an even greater love for the game, while learning about the recruiting process, sending out film and how a strong work ethic will pay off in the long run.

“He was low on the depth chart  and just by working and working on special teams and just getting in when he could he was able to earn his scholarship,” Jaxon Sawyer said. 

From those learning experiences, Jaxon Sawyer was able to use those lessons from his brother to help him when similar situations presented themselves, finding his way to the varsity squad as a sophomore.

“It gave me a huge boost in confidence when I got pulled up as a sophomore knowing that he did it and he was able to make it to college and get a scholarship,” Jaxon Sawyer said. “That gave me just the dream of being right where he was just on the field in those huge stadiums.”

Jaxon Sawyer’s confidence soared when he was called up to the varsity squad, starting a journey at that level that has seen him emerge into one of the top athletes in the area.

He was recognized as an honorable mention All-WCAL player his junior year in Bellarmine’s run to a Central Coast Section playoff spot.

“Making it through that first summer of just high intensity with seniors and just was a lot harder than any other sport I’ve ever done or any other workouts for any other sport, and I feel like just being able to make it through that kind of proved to myself that no matter how hard the task was or how long the journey, how hard it was going to be I could just make it through it,” Jaxon Sawyer said. 

“And especially like a lot of these guys are with me there too and just being part of the team and being able to work hard is just made it to where it just proved everything that football was worth it and that all I had to do was put in the work.”

Like his teammates, Jaxon Sawyer is excited for this new iteration of Bellarmine football under first-year varsity head coach Jalal Beauchman and company as they run their college-style system.

To kickstart this era, Jaxon Sawyer is eager to bring Bellarmine back to where it was when his brother was there and make his dreams become a reality.

“For the team my goal is to be able to just perform on a high level and win every game that we can because I know that we can literally beat every team in this league if we do what we’re taught and just put all the hard work and everything we’ve learned together into these games,” Jaxon Sawyer said. 

“We can win as many games as we try to, as we really want to, and for myself my goal is to just win for my team and to also just properly represent my own ability and my own skill on the football field. And with that to be able to just obviously college, just get as many football games in as I can and just run as much as I can and get as many yards and touchdowns as I can.”

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