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Schramm details road to Colgate lacrosse commitment

Rocco Schramm carries the ball against Acalanes on March 13, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Rocco Schramm carries the ball against Acalanes on March 13, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

From the time Rocco Schramm was born, he always had ambitions of being a collegiate athlete.

Schramm, a junior running back, linebacker and kicker on the Monte Vista football team and a lacrosse player, knew from the getgo sports were what he wanted to do. He wanted to play at the next level.

Well, that’s just what Schramm will do, committing to Colgate for lacrosse.

“It means the world,” Schramm said. “It’s been my dream for my entire life pretty much. Ever since I was little all I’ve wanted to do was play sports at the next level, whether that was football, lacrosse. All I wanted to do was get back on that field.”

With a 4.5 GPA, Schramm felt Colgate was the perfect fit for him with its rigorous academics – Colgate is the No. 20 university for National Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States, according to 2021 rankings compiled by U.S. News.

Plus, Schramm was right at home when speaking to everyone there.

“It was mainly the sense of family,” Schramm said. “They’re just great guys. The coaches, players – they’re all amazing. The school has great academics, which is a big part of it for me. And I just had a great feeling when talking to them.”

But Schramm could also play college football.

Schramm said the recruiting process is going well for football, mainly hearing from Ivy League schools right now. He’s also spoken with the Colgate coaches about playing for them.

“We’re currently in conversations about that, but we’ll just have to see where that goes,” Schramm said.

Playing two sports is something Schramm is well versed at, and if the opportunity comes about to do both collegiately, he’s more than up for the challenge. 

“’I’m just going to have to talk to the coaches,” Schramm said. “I’ve been doing it my entire life. I’ve never played just one sport in a season, so I’m used to the grind already.”

The Iron Man athlete at Monte Vista credits his family and those around him for all of the success he’s endured. 

Schramm heard the stories from his father about what it was like to play in college, as his father, George Schramm, played college football at Colorado State.

In a little over a year, Rocco Schramm will embark on the next chapter of his journey. And he’s been a standout for the Mustangs in two sports, which showed in the season-opening 33-27 loss to Acalanes, as Rocco Schramm needed nine carries to reach 55 yards and his first career varsity score, part of a game where he also truck sticked one Dons defender.

The final box score also showed Rocco Schramm catching four passes for 26 yards.

“Everyone just pushing me as hard as I can,” Rocco Schramm said. “My dad has been a huge part of it. He’s been the one my entire life getting me up early in the morning, getting me in that weight room, getting me to the field, mainly just pushing me because he played college football as well, so I’ve always looked up to him for that. Just my whole family and everyone just pushing me to be the best I can.”

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