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Serra freshman sensation hungry for more

Joseph Bey competes at the GameFit Sacramento Combine on Oct. 24, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Joseph Bey competes at the GameFit Sacramento Combine on Oct. 24, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

On May 20, Joseph Bey went through a moment most kids dream of.

Still in eighth grade, the current Serra freshman athlete heard from Arizona State. One of his good friends and coaches reached out to ASU for him, starting the initial point of contact between the two schools.

ASU loved what it heard, and on that late May day, it offered a running back and linebacker who was still a few months away from high school.

“It was a surreal moment,” Bey said. “Kids my age in eighth grade never usually get that opportunity. I got the opportunity. It was amazing. It just made me more hungry. I worked hard. I wanted to work harder.”

Bey called the offer a surprise, but that’s only what he wants to be the start of a long and successful journey in the sport.

It made him want even more.

“It made me hungrier,” Bey said. “I’ve got something to prove now. I’ve got this offer on my back, so I’ve got to work even harder.”

While preparing for his first season at Serra, a program steeped in tradition and one coming off a runner-up finish in the state championship game a year ago, Bey is hard at work in this offseason.

Bey said he’s been in the weight room for much of every day, enhancing his speed, strength and flexibility. And he’s been a top performer on the camp and showcase circuit, including at the Game-Fit Sacramento Recruiting Combine.

“Basically I’ve been working really hard in the weight room with college athletes,” Bey said. “I’ve been lifting a lot and I’ve put a lot of work in, so I feel like my strength has gotten a lot better, and I just want to keep working on that.”

At Serra, Bey wants to add to the storied legacy the school boasts, eager to win the program’s first state title since 2017.

“It would mean the world,” Bey said. “Working with your teammates, your brothers, getting to that point and just competing at that high of a level is just something else.”

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