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Strong work ethic becomes lifestyle for Christensen

Joseph Christensen competes at the KO Bros Showcase. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Joseph Christensen competes at the KO Bros Showcase. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Laney College class of 2021 lineman Joseph Christensen’s work ethic stems from loved ones.

Both of his parents work extremely hard, putting in extra-long hours to benefit the family and look out for everyone. So, Christensen wants to repay them for all of the sacrifices they’ve made and the commitment they’ve made to their children.

“I’m just trying to get to the point where I can retire both of them and get my mom to the islands and get back and relax,” Christensen said.

And Christensen’s motivation and work ethic only skyrocketed to give back to his parents during this offseason.

In the past, the desire was there for Christensen, but now it is a lifestyle for Christensen, whose long hours have him becoming a four-year collegiate football prospect at Laney College.

Christensen trains from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. from Monday through Thursday, doing conditioning, weightlifting and then some individual and team work. At 6-8 p.m. Monday’s and Friday’s, he trains with his brother on offensive line techniques.

“I like my work ethic so far,” Christensen said. “I’ve obviously been working a lot harder than over the past few years. Really been trying to get better and get my endurance up and my strength up.”

The Washington High School graduate credits his family, particularly his brother, for the success he’s endured on the football field.

“Many people have helped me over the years to become a better football player and a better man,” Christensen said. “But one person that had the biggest impact in my life is my older brother George. He’s taught me all the ins and outs of the game, and that’s who I really look up to as a football player.”

Despite the recruiting process is slower because of COVID-19 and despite players getting an extra year of eligibility at four-year schools, Christensen does have some interest to continue his playing career.

Iowa Wesleyan, a Division III school, offered Christensen.

“I like Iowa Wesleyan just because it’s so remote and it’s a different setting than what I’m used to,” Christensen said. “It’s cold. I can play in the cold.”

Over these next couple months, Christensen aims to continue improving his game and showcase his talents.

“I just want to get better with my technique as an offensive lineman, shed a little more weight, get quicker, be able to compete,” Christensen said.

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