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Talent, drive push Patterson closer to dreams

Nick Patterson currently boasts two college offers. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Nick Patterson currently boasts two college offers. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Nick Patterson has invested everything into making his dreams become reality.

The former Laney College linebacker and Weston Ranch athlete puts in all of the sweat equity required to make it to that next step. All of the long days and extra workouts and hours it takes to succeed, Patterson does.

And it was all shown at the Xclusive Speed Bay Area Top 100 Showcase last month in San Ramon, on a Saturday afternoon when Patterson garnered Linebacker MVP honors around some of the top high school and junior college athletes in the region.

“It felt good to win,” Patterson said. “Everybody loves to win. To get an award, this was a big thing today. I knew if it was going to show out there, I knew I was going to get something in the end.”

Since his Pop Warner days, Patterson always hoped he would get to suit up on Sundays in the fall and play in the NFL.

But he also has other ambitions outside of his time on the gridiron.

“Biggest goal is obviously the league,” Patterson said. “That’s the biggest dream. I want a master’s in psychology. I really want my master’s. I’ve got to get my bachelor’s first of course, but master’s, go to school, finish, get my degree. That’s my biggest goal – finishing school.”

As a Laney College Eagle, Patterson was key to the banner days that now lie in junior college lore forever.

Patterson was part of a stingy Laney College defense that allowed just 19.0 points and 80.8 rushing yards per game in 2018 when it went 11-2 overall and won a California Community College Athletic Association crown.

In 2019, Patterson and the Eagles held opponents to 19.8 points per game while notching a 6-5 overall record and a 4-1 record in the Bay 6 Conference – all of which was captured on Netflix’s Last Chance U.

So far, two schools have sent an offer his way – Kansas Wesleyan and Nebraska Wesleyan – and recognized his talent. A decision regarding Patterson’s future has not been announced.

“When I’m out there, it’s really just like I’m just thinking about making a play, balling and just make a play,” Patterson said. “Every time I’m out there I’m just thinking about making a play. I don’t think about any mistakes, I don’t think about messing up.”

Motivated by his family and those close to him, Patterson is working to make all of those things happen, and the results – just like what happened at the Bay Area Top 100 Showcase and his time at Laney College – are proof of his work ethic.

“My family, they motivate me because I know they’re behind me 100 percent,” Patterson said. “All of my loved ones, close friends. Just honestly seeing the work I put in behind doors and the work that I put in when no one else is really watching. That’s what really motivates me because I look at how hard I push myself, and that just tells me and makes me want to keep going harder because I know something is going to come with all of this.

“I know this isn’t what the average person is doing. That’s what really motivates me.”

All of that work has Patterson one step closer to achieving all of his dreams. He is one step closer to a bachelor’s degree. One step closer to a master’s degree. One step closer to playing at a four-year college. One step closer to the league.

One step closer to all of those extra hours paying off in a big way.

“It would be the biggest thing,” Patterson said. “That would be the biggest thing, the biggest thing right now. That’s all I’ve been working for. It’s all I’ve been working for. The sacrifices I’ve done is so much – the blood, sweat, tears, injuries, setbacks. That would be the one biggest thing. That’s all I need. That’s all I want.”

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  1. Syble Coleman on August 2, 2020 at 2:54 am

    Nick Patterson is a fine young man. He is a gentleman and a scholar, a student-athlete in every sense of the word. His work ethic on the field and behind closed doors is absolutely impeccable. May God protect him and give him all the desires of his heart. He is so well deserving and has rightfully earned every good thing that comes his way. Keep up the good work Nick!

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