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Team EAJ launches College Prep 11v11 Team

Eric Washington Jr. coaches athletes on Jan. 24, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Eric Washington Jr. coaches athletes on Jan. 24, 2021. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

NorCal Scouting has been very successful in the 11v11 circuit before and is excited to do it again, this time announcing the launching of a new College Prep 11v11 Club Team located in the South Bay and Peninsula.

Team EAJ will feature an elite coaching staff, led by head coach Eric Washington Jr., who, under his Elite Athletes Journey (EAJ) brand, has trained numerous high-caliber athletes – including Davante Adams and Troy Franklin.

West Coast Preps is a media partner of the team and will provide exclusive, in-depth coverage of the team throughout the season, including a series on the student-athletes, player profiles, along with videos, feature stories, photos and more.

All student-athletes will receive a recruiting profile on the West Coast Preps website,, which will include their highlights, statistics, GPA and intended major.

The team will be the first to model its club as a College Prep team, focusing on college readiness in both athletics and academics.Those interested in trying out for the team can do so here.

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