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Thome’s growth in new sport impresses Mountain View teammates

Sam Thome trains at Mountain View High School on Dec. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Sam Thome trains at Mountain View High School on Dec. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Sam Thome’s teammates are in awe of how far he’s come.

Thome, currently a senior defensive back at Mountain View High School, just started football a few months ago, and yet, despite the lack of playing experience in the sport, he’s proving his worth each and every practice and training session.

“It’s honestly crazy to me,” said Mountain View senior receiver Austin Flax, who is a Division I signee to Drake University. “We film most of our stuff, and when you look at when Sam first got there to like this week, it’s crazy. He’s gotten so much better. He really understands what he’s doing, and it’s really cool to see for sure.”

Football was always something that interested Thome.

He’d watch football and knew it looked fun. He’s play football for fun with some of his friends.

So why not give it a try?

“I decided to just show up to one of the practices and I really enjoyed it, and the transition has been pretty good,” Thome said. “I played sports earlier in my life, so it wasn’t like I was new to football in general. It’s been a grind for sure, but I’ve made a lot of progress.”

During this offseason, Thome has learned to do everything. He’s learned footwork. Cover skills. Everything the defensive back position and football entails.

And he’s made sure to put in the work every sing;e chance he gets, lifting seemingly seven days a week while training with a slew of his Spartans teammates at their field throughout the course of the week, with those sessions featuring competition against each other while filming every single rep.

“First off they’re all like great football players in general, so they have a lot to teach me, and everything that they tell me is trying to help me and they have good intentions,” Thome said. “And they all are really passionate about football, and they want everyone to succeed.”

Cambouris’ teammates have gone back and looked at the film from when he first started to now, and they’ve seen his immense growth. 

They understand just how he got here, constantly asking questions and finding ways to get better whenever he steps on the field.

Plus, he’s holding his own against the Division I signee in Flax.

“I’ve known Sam for most of my life, and so I’ve played sports with him, everything but football, so it’s just really exciting and inspiring to see him just kind of be so passionate about like this new sport to him and just see how far he’s come,” said Mountain View senior kicker and receiver Josh Lillie. It’s pretty incredible that he’s never complacent. 

“Always asking questions, always getting better, getting quicker, getting more efficient with his steps, tracking the ball, contesting, trying to do press, trying to play off, just experimenting and learning and just being and getting out there and putting in the work, so I’m proud of him for that.”

All Thome is doing right now is enjoying the process and the journey he’s taking, and he’s ready to do one thing with his best friends at Mountain View to cap off their high school days together.

“For me, it’s similar to everyone else,” Thome said. “I just want to win basically.”

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