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Underdog no more: Daigle becomes captain for Northgate

Andrew Daigle is a team captain at Northgate. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Andrew Daigle is a team captain at Northgate. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Being an underdog is something Northgate senior receiver/linebacker Andrew Daigle is used to.

Daigle, who only started playing contact football when he arrived as a freshman at Northgate, was never looked at in the same light as others around him. He was never given the same acclaim – something that has always driven him.

“I haven’t always had the looks,” Daigle said. “I’ve always been kind of looked at as ‘Oh, he’s kind of the second string. He’s third string.’ It’s like I know I worked harder for it. I may have had to start behind when I started freshman year or whatever, but I’ve always worked I’d say at least 110% every single time.”

Through his first three years of high school, Daigle – also a rugby and track athlete – has used that underdog mentality to his advantage.

He made varsity his sophomore season. Now he is a team captain and soon-to-be three-year varsity player for the Broncos.

In all two varsity, Daigle’s talent on both sides of the ball and his leadership has done wonders, particularly during his junior season in 2019 when he and Northgate went 6-4 overall and captured a 3-2 mark against league foes.

“I think my sophomore year when I started realizing I was out hustling a lot of the seniors, a lot of juniors and seniors that I was like I can really do something with this,” Daigle said. “Freshman year I was really kind of showing glimpses of being able to flip that switch on, but my sophomore year I really turned it on.”

Even with the difficulties of this offseason, especially when quarantine first hit, Daigle is making the most of the opportunities presented to him.

Daigle has impressed at different camps and showcases, showing he has taken another step when performing at the Exposure Academy run by former NFL receiver Stevie Johnson, the Best Coast Showcase and the National Preps Collegiate Showcase.

“Throughout the offseason, I’d say back when the quarantine first started, things were kind of slow,” Daigle said. “I kind of had to figure out how to work with myself only for a long time. But as soon as summer hit I think I really hit stride with my teammates, getting them better, kind of an iron sharpens iron type deal. I’ve really made strides with my explosiveness, my speed, my agility and my routes.”

With his underdog mentality, Daigle isn’t just focused on proving his worth on the football field.

Daigle has been there with Northgate improving from one to six wins from his sophomore to junior seasons. He wants to lead the way and guide his teammates to even greater heights once the football season rolls around in January.

“Goals for myself right now it’s all about the team,” Daigle said. “It’s getting everyone in shape because not everyone has access to a field. It’s about getting people out, and for the team it’s really coming together. And for myself it would really be able to ball out and have a great senior season.”

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