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Vintage completes undefeated season

Vintage finished with a perfect 6-0 record. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
Vintage finished with a perfect 6-0 record. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

This is the one that they call “The Big Game.” From the start, this game was entertaining with exciting football being played by both sides. Vintage eventually crushed the Grizzlies, as they ran away in the second half for a 35-7 win to complete their undefeated season and send out the seniors with a 6-0 record and league championship again. 

Vintage came into this game as heavy favorites, as it was 5-0 and dominated in every single aspect of those games. However that didn’t stop Napa from coming into one of the biggest rivalry games in the Bay Area thinking it had a chance. Early on, Napa made some big stops on defense and then a big play brought some confidence to its sideline. A 54-yard touchdown thrown by Anthony Tubridy was an absolute dime. Just getting over the Vintage defenders outstretched arm, Isidro Rios hauled it in and ran into the end zone, giving Napa the early 7-0 lead. 

Vintage, however, has not lost a game since entering this league. Winning 17 straight in the league, it was going to respond. It responded in a big way. Dylan Smith is one of the best running backs in the Bay Area, and he did it again tonight. He responded to Napa’s touchdown by carrying the ball 48 yards on two carries and scoring a touchdown from 10 yards out. That-10 yard run was impressive, as he was stood up at about the 5-yard line but never stopped turning his legs and ended up in the end zone. 

The rest of the first half turned into a defensive battle. Going back-and-forth great plays being made and great tackles kept the offenses from getting drives into scoring territory. That is until another big play by the Vintage run game happened. There was a 53-yard touchdown by Mosaati Schaumkel, as he streaked down the left sideline, stiff-arming defenders like Derek Henry and Najee Harris. His one run on the night was one of the most exciting plays of the night and gave Vintage the lead. 

This first half had everything – big plays, truck sticks and the half capacity stadium gave it a great atmosphere. There were also amazing defensive stands throughout the first half, and Vintage had the biggest one. On fourth-and-goal and just eight seconds left in the half, Napa had the ball at the 1-yard line. A touchdown would tie the game going into half and give Napa the momentum. That is not what happened. Instead, a 3-yard loss on the carry and a celebration by Vintage gave it all the momentum and the lead going into halftime. 

Vintage took that momentum and ran with it. It then became the Crushers. Re-enter Dylan Smith, whose second score of the game came from 39 yards out and made the score 21-7. But Smith wanted more. The never satisfied Smith decided to go for his third touchdown and this time from 37 yards out. Smith would finish the night with 198 yards on just 19 carries. However, the 10.4 yards per carry was still well below his season average. 

Vintage would go on to score one more time and put the cherry on top of its undefeated season. Senior Bill Chaidez would get his final high school touchdown, as he spun and dove into the end zone. Chaidez would end the night with 81 rushing yards and a touchdown in his final game as a Vintage Crusher. 

Head Coach Dylan Leach couldn’t be more proud of his group of seniors who spent the last 11 months together waiting for this moment. 

“So much respect for those guys who just show up everyday,” Leach said. “Couldn’t be more proud of this group and the way that they play. They play hard.” 

For Smith, he feels very grateful for this impressive senior class that Vintage has, “They’ve all been role models completely,” Smith said. “Showed me how to be a Crusher.”

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Box Score: 


Passing: Tytan Bradley: 68 yards.

Rushing: Dylan Smith: 19 carries, 198 yards, 3 TD. Bill Chaidez: 8 carries, 81 yards, TD. Adam Wesner: 6 carries, 54 yards. Mosaati Schmaukel: 1 carry, 53 yards, TD. Tytan Bradley: 3 carries, 31 yards. Logan Nothmann: 2 carries, 8 yards. Diego Davis: 1 carry, 1 yard.

Receiving: Sam Neal: 2 catches, 48 yards. Nick Schuttish: 1 catch, 20 yards.


Passing: Anthony Tubridy: 243 yards, TD. 

Rushing: Benito Saldivar: 14 carries, 8 yards. Isidro Rios: 1 carry, 5 yards.

Receiving: Isidro Rios: 5 catches, 91 yards, TD. Jack Giguiere: 5 catches, 73 yards. Christoph Horton: 7 catches, 57 yards. Benito Saldivar: 2 catches, 17 yards. Kieran Sarazin: 1 catch, 11 yards. Liam Jezycki: 1 catch, 8 yards.

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