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WCA holds on late to beat Xclusive Speed

Jurrion Dickey finished with a receiving touchdown in Xclusive Speed's 21-14 loss to WCA. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo
Jurrion Dickey finished with a receiving touchdown in Xclusive Speed's 21-14 loss to WCA. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn / Staff Photo

An early Saturday morning in SoCal where it wasn’t sunny is rare but happened this weekend as it was cold and rainy. The Winner Circle Athletics team ended up coming out on top behind a great rushing attack as XclusiveSpeed just couldn’t handle the run game and let them break out for three touchdowns, eventually falling, 21-14. 

The game started with Xclusive Speed stalling out on its first drive, and then came the WCA rushing attack, as in less than a minute a high-tempo, no-huddle rushing attack had a rushing touchdown to take an early 7-0 lead.

The defenses took over the rest of the first half as almost every drive stalled out in the middle of the field with no real threats. Vacaville Christian junior Zack Mercado and the crew up front made some great plays, stuffing the run, but eventually WCA’s star running back struck again. Near the end of the first half on a hard run to the left, with multiple broken tackles and big hits, WCA barreled its way to a 14-0 lead with a minute left in the first half. 

Xclusive Speed could not score to end the first half, so it went into the half down two scores. This is a position it had been in before just two weeks ago when it came back from 21-6 to win 27-21, but the rain started to come down in the second half, making it a little more difficult. 

This team has heart though as they battled and finally got on the board with a big play. This play started the craziness that was the second half, as Pittsburg senior quarterback Eli Brickhandler hit a bomb with Valley Christian sophomore receiver Jurrion Dickey in the left corner of the endzone. Dickey, like he does often, made a great catch, toe tapping off a dime by Brickhandler, getting the Xclusive sideline going as the energy changed. 

The defense came back and stopped them quickly as we headed to the middle of the fourth quarter. A big game for Oak Grove senior Elias Herrera continued, as he burst through the line taking a handoff to the house for a 52-yard rushing touchdown. In a matter of minutes, two big plays by the offense vaulted Xclusive Speed into a tie with WCA. 

The lead did not last long, though, as WCA responded just a few plays later with a 48-yard rushing touchdown of its own. That would be the third rushing touchdown of the day for WCA and would be enough for it to take home the win. Brickhandler tried to give Xclusive Speed another heroic comeback, but they couldn’t get to the end zone as WCA put a damper on Xclusive Speed winning streak. Xclusive Speed now falls to 2-2 on the season. 

Brickhandler led Xclusive Speed with 70 passing yards and one touchdown. Herrera needed just two carries to reach 49 yards. Dickey finished with four catches, 40 yards and one touchdown.

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Box Score:

Passing: Eli Brickhandler – 70 yards, TD. Drew Rampelberg – 20 yards.

Rushing: Elias Herrera – 2 carries, 49 yards, TD. Michael Lewis – 4 carries, 31 yards. Eli Brickhandler – 4 carries, 24 yards. Eric Nathan Johnson III – 1 carry, 16 yards.

Receiving: Jurrion Dickey – 4 catches, 40 yards, TD. Khalid Robinson – 1 catch, 20 yards. Elias Herrera – 2 catches, 17 yards. Jeremiah Patterson – 1 catch, 13 yards.

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