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Week 6 Predictions

Gavin Cribb carries the ball in a game at Cal. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Gavin Cribb carries the ball in a game at Cal. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

No. 7 Menlo-Atherton vs. King’s Academy

Chris Jackson: Menlo-Atherton

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Menlo-Atherton

Liberty vs. No. 22 Heritage

Chris Jackson: Liberty

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Heritage

Redwood vs. No. 10 Marin Catholic

Chris Jackson: Marin Catholic

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Marin Catholic

Antioch vs. No. 3 Pittsburg

Chris Jackson: Pittsburg

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Pittsburg

Petaluma vs. Casa Grande

Chris Jackson: Petaluma

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Petaluma

No. 5 Clayton Valley vs. No. 1 De La Salle

Chris Jackson: De La Salle

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: De La Salle

No. 14 Acalanes vs. No. 23 California

Chris Jackson: Acalanes

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: California

Monte Vista vs. No. 11 San Ramon Valley

Chris Jackson: San Ramon Valley

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Monte Vista

Granada vs. No. 21 Livermore

Chris Jackson: Livermore

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Livermore

South San Francisco vs. El Camino

Chris Jackson: El Camino

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: El Camino

Napa vs. No. 12 Vintage

Chris Jackson: Vintage

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Vintage

Gilroy vs. Christopher

Chris Jackson: Christopher

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Christopher

Las Lomas vs. Benicia

Chris Jackson: Las Lomas

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Las Lomas

Branham vs. Leigh

Chris Jackson: Leigh

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Leigh

McClymonds vs. Manteca

Chris Jackson: McClymonds

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: McClymonds

Castro Valley vs. Washington

Chris Jackson: Castro Valley

Gregory Moreland-Tuhn: Castro Valley

Pick Standings

  1. Chris Jackson (26-9)
  2. Gregory Moreland-Tuhn (23-12)

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