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West Coast Preps is in its first year of covering high school sports in the Bay Area and is a free platform aimed at letting all of the remarkable stories regarding student-athletes be heard. This is a voluntary contribution to help us during our first year to continue taking pictures, videos at events and allow us to create more quality content in the future. Contributions to West Coast Preps are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

*Please understand that your donation is not eligible for a tax deduction on the federal or state levels.*

Why we created West Coast Preps


Our mission remains simple: to highlight the student-athletes.

Growing up in the Bay Area, we know how talented this region is and what makes the high school sports scene so extraordinary in each and every sport. We have consistently witnessed firsthand how many of these athletes ended up carving out successful college and professional careers.

Sabrina Ionescu. Tom Brady. Rickey Henderson. Natalie Coughlin. Bill Russell. Kerry Walsh Jennings.

You name the sport. You name the school. You name the league. And I’m sure you will find a remarkable athlete from there.

That is why we are here. Some of the greatest athletes and coaches reside in the Bay Area and on the west coast, and we are here to cover them and show the world what they are about.

We can’t wait to start out our coverage in the Bay Area and then work our way up and down the west coast as time goes on. And it will be hard to find a group as dedicated as we are and will continue to be to highlight what makes high school athletics so great.

Two of our teammates were born and raised here and understand just how special this region is. Our President, Chris Jackson, is a graduate of Granada High School and went to high school sporting events with his father, Cliff Jackson, who is also our Lead Photographer, starting as a 2-year-old. Since graduating from Granada, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism at West Virginia University before working at NBC Sports Bay Area & California, along with covering high school athletics in South Texas and Dallas.

Our Marketing and Sales Director, Gregory Moreland-Tuhn, also has strong ties to the Bay Area as a former athlete at Granada High School. He possesses a deep sales and sports background, working jobs in both areas for AEG Enterprise and Mazda.

We can’t wait to tell all of the stories in the community and get to meet all of you. Whenever we’re at a game, say hello. Give us feedback. Give us story ideas. Talk about Klay Thompson having another 37-point quarter the night before.

Whatever it is, we are eager to work with and get to know all of you. There is nothing quite like high school sports, especially in the Bay Area and the west coast.

Don’t hesitate to ever reach out to us, whether you want to talk some ball or have some story ideas for us. You can reach us at or fill out the form on our website.

Also, be sure to follow us on social media, @westcoastpreps_, and subscribe to our YouTube page.

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  1. Anne-Marie on July 30, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    I’m excited to see an outlet focusing on Bay Area high school sports athletes and their stories. Thank you for bringing creating this awesome site.

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