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Work ethic drives Schramm closer to college football, lacrosse dreams

Rocco Schramm competes at The Opening on Nov. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo
Rocco Schramm competes at The Opening on Nov. 14, 2020. Chris Jackson / Staff Photo

Rocco Schramm always heard the stories as a child, and he knew that’s what he wanted to do someday.

Schramm, a football and lacrosse player at Monte Vista High School, was raised in a sports household. His father, George Schramm, played football at Monte Vista and later went on to compete at Colorado State.

Once Rocco Schramm began listening to all of those stories of making it to the next level, a dream was instantly born and engrained in his mind.

“He’s been telling me those stories since I was a little kid, and it’s really been intriguing,” Rocco Schramm said. “Ever since I was a little kid, that was my main goal. I always said I need to play college ball. I need to make it to the next level, next level, just keep going. That’s kind of been my driving force for playing all these years and to continue working and trying to be the best player I can.”

George Schramm raised Rocco Schramm that anything was possible if one worked at it, and that’s the mindset Rocco Schramm has always carried with him.

Since he began playing lacrosse at 4 years old with the Scorpions and football at 9 years old with the T Birds, Rocco Schramm never expected anything to be handed to him. He wanted to work for everything in his life, knowing that a strong work ethic would pay dividends in the long run in every facet of life.

“I’ve always been the type of kid to really work for it and make sure that what I want comes true,” Rocco Schramm said. “When I first started playing lacrosse and football, even when I was 4 years old playing lacrosse, me and my dad – we would go out to the field and we would start training nonstop and just always having that mindset that I can be successful in both these sports if I choose to do so. Everything is a mindset, and if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.”

From those early points to now, Rocco Schramm has made sure to outwork everyone and do everything in his power to make not only himself, but those around him, successful.

During those hard morning when he didn’t feel like waking up, there was his father, encouraging him to get up, telling him what a benefit it would be. Then there are his coaches, who he places a lot of credit on. And his teammates.

Every morning, Rocco Schramm, senior linebacker Josh Zeising – who finished with 100-plus tackles last season – and 2020 graduate Jacob Oliphant are up at 4 a.m. to weightlift. Then they speed train later in the day. Then practice.

Rocco Schramm said he’s never worked this hard in his entire life, and with a couple extra months until the season officially commences, he understands he will soon reap the benefits of everything he’s done.

My teammates, it’s really hard to train and workout and practice on your own, but when you’re doing it with the team, with all your teammates, with all your buddies around, everyone is kind of motivating each other,” Rocco Schramm said. “And that’s one of the big factors that’s really helped me kind of stick with everything and get really motivated to be the best person and player I can.”

Photo courtesy of George Schramm / Monte Vista

Once Sept. 1 – the first day colleges can recruit juniors – rolled around, Rocco Schramm’s phone was constantly buzzing from coaches in both football and lacrosse.

Bryant, Johns Hopkins, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Utah, Yale and a slew of other schools have all recruited him for lacrosse. And Yale and Penn have done the same for football, showing how supportive schools are for him to compete in multiple sports collegiately.

“I have thought about that because I have gotten looks for that as well,” Rocco Schramm said. “From Yale, they’ve looked into me for both lacrosse and football, and it’s been a big topic in my family that we’ve been talking about, and I would love to do it. I can’t really see a world where I have to choose between football and lacrosse. I just love them both so much, so to get the chance to play both in college would just be amazing.”

What colleges are also noticing is Rocco Schramm’s dedication in the classroom – something his father taught him after his playing career ended early due to a severe injury at Colorado State.

Currently, Rocco Schramm’s cumulative GPA is a 3.8, but for the school year his GPA is hovering around 4.2-4.3.

Once his playing days to come to a close, Rocco Schramm wants to remain in sports regardless, majoring in Sports Management and eventually going to law school to become a sports agent or manager.

“One of the main lessons he really taught me was there’s a life after sports, so he always tells me to do good in the classroom, really try in the classroom as much as I’m trying and training outside for sports,” Rocco Schramm said. “I do really think highly of academics, and it’s very big. I’ve always been into school and really into learning, and I do want to go to a very academically inclined school, so that’s always been a really big deal for me is academics.”

It’s all paid enormous dividends for Rocco Schramm, whose talents inside and outside of sports have his college dreams ready to come true in a couple of years.

“He’s strong as heck,” said Monte Vista head football coach Matt Russi. “He’s done a ton of stuff, put on a ton of muscle. You can tell in the way he looks, and he enjoys the work. A lot of people don’t enjoy the weight room. They just go into the weight room with everybody else. You can tell he enjoys the process of trying to get better. 

“And then he also has, his dad played football in college. He’s a coach on the JV team. So he understands football. I think what helps him in lacrosse is, I haven’t watched him play, but I played lacrosse too, and athletically I think he’s just probably on a different level than everybody else at lacrosse. He works at it, but he’s got talent.”

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